Calendar Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Are you in the market for a new copier for your company and are not sure where to start? Many people do not understand the differences between inkjet, laser, and digital machines. It can also be difficult to compare initial cost versus total cost of ownership (TCO), especially when you don’t fully understand all of the features of the machines. It is best practice to learn as much as you can about all of your options before making a final decision.

Calendar Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

There are any number of different reasons that you may decide to get out of a copier lease. It is important to remember that a lease is a legally binding agreement. It is much easier to get into a lease than it is to get out of it.

Calendar Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Which color of scanner lamp does your scanner have? If your color scanner is only giving you black and white results, you can confirm whether it can indeed print in color. The scanner lamp is one the indicators of whether a scanner is a color one or a black and white one. It is one of the first things you should check if what you believe is a color scanner gives you black and white results only.

Calendar Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Shopping for an office copier can be an overwhelming process, regardless of the size of your company and its copier needs. Where do you even begin when it comes to comparing top copier brands and narrowing down important features?

Calendar Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

In order to ensure high-quality copies that do not risk damaging a copier machine, you must select the proper copier parts and supplies. For example, you cannot assume that all transparencies can be used in a copier. You must purchase copier-specific transparencies. It may seem like a hassle to hunt down copier-specific supplies. However, you significantly minimize the risk of damaging an expensive, key piece of office equipment by taking the few extra minutes and dollars to get the right thing the first time around.

Calendar Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Purchasing a copier is a big decision for any company, regardless of the size of the business. As a copier should last for a number of years, it is important to make the right decision the first time around. Learn from the following common mistakes that companies make when buying copiers so that you don’t make them yourself.

Calendar Monday, January 13th, 2014

A multifunction printer or MFP is an office machine that has multiple device functionality within a single unit. For personal residences and small business environments, multifunction printers are popular because they take up considerably less space than separate machines. For large corporations, multifunction printers can serve as centralized devices for document management, distribution, and production. Typically, an MFP has fax, photocopier, printer, and scanner functionality.

Calendar Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

A copier is a vital, but also expensive asset for a business. It is easy to assume that once you get it up and running, you don’t have to worry about it. While it is not quite that easy, copier maintenance is actually very simple. Most common copier issues are problems that you can fix on your own. When you have preventative maintenance measures in place, you ensure that you have minimal repair costs and very little down time in the office due to a malfunctioning machine. Keep in mind that any time you inspect and/or clean components in a copier, it is always best practice to turn it off and unplug it first.

Calendar Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Many people expect to plug in a new copy machine and never have to worry about it again. Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple. Copiers are expensive, complex machines that require regular maintenance and preventative measures. The good news is that this maintenance is quick and straightforward. Once you get in the habit of caring for your copy machine on a regular basis, you will have a lot less issues. However, inevitably there will still be the occasional problem. Familiarize yourself with the most common problems so that you know how to take care of them on your own when they do arise.