Copier Repair

You must have a fully functioning copier to keep up with the daily tasks in the workplace. When it comes to having your business copier repaired or serviced, a technician’s response time is key.

You cannot afford to spend hours, or even days, waiting for a technician who may or may not be able to fix your machine. Every aspect of your company must run smoothly, even your copier. An efficient business is a profitable one after all.

However, when your copier hits a technical snag, whether it’s fuzzy copies, a paper jam or it simply won’t function properly, it’s difficult to fulfill your daily duties. Therefore, you need prompt response time for repairs.

How Long Will It Take To Repair My Copier?

Rather than wasting minutes or even hours trying to troubleshoot the machine yourself, call UCI’s technicians. Our family owned and operated Amarillo copier company guarantees a response time of 4 hours or less, with an average response time of 1.3 hours.

UCI can repair or replace your copier’s broken parts within a single work day depending on the time of your call. We service Lubbock, Amarillo and the surrounding towns. Our service technicians carry all non-temperature sensitive parts in their delivery vehicles. However, if your copier needs one of those parts, technicians can access the conveniently located downtown Amarillo warehouse.

A copier repair job can include a combination of mechanical, electrical, chemical, and/or digital issues. You want a copier repair professional you can rely upon and trust.

UCI’s copier technicians are unique in that they consistently take courses and acquire training tools in order to offer customers the best quality service. With technicians in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle, UCI’s technicians are easily accessible. They can have your copier back up and running within half the average workday so you can meet your deadlines and do your job.

Does UCI Just Repair Kyocera Copiers?

You do not have to have a copier purchased from UCI in order for our technicians to repair it. Whether your office copier requires a quick replacement such as toner or a drum, or calls for a more extensive repair, UCI’s friendly copier team is happy to help you get back to business so you can finish your work on time. To learn about our copier repair, fill out the form on this page.