Document Management

Are you struggling to keep your documents organized because you don’t have a central storage location? Are you interested in going paperless, but aren’t sure where to start?

Square9 Softworks’ SmartSearch Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite gets rid of paper-based filing systems, automates document routing and notifications, increases document security and compliance. In addition, this streamlined document software makes it easy for employees to share and collaborate on documentation. It integrates content management, variable data printing, workflow, and web forms management.

How Does The Square9 Document Management System Work?

You can put the time you previously spent searching for documents toward increasing productivity, which significantly reduces costs. You designate the archive for the documents and have full control over who has access to the files and what can be done with them. You set access to guarantee compliance while ensuring that documents are available 24/7.

SmartSearch stores all documents in a centralized content repository, which is ideal for any paper-intensive business. The software has extensive capacity to store both scanned and electronic documents including PDF, JPG, TIF, Word, Excel, and Outlook. It is an ideal option for law firms, attorneys, CPAs, banks, medical offices, mortgage and title companies, accounting firms, trucking companies, and manufacturers who want to streamline their storage processes and cut costs.

There are two editions of SmartSearch:

Professional: Professional is designed for small-to-medium businesses (SMB) and departmental applications. The modular design offers maximum flexibility for both configuration and pricing. You get to select the tools that you need for your specific business applications and budget, ensuring that you don’t have to pay for anything that you don’t need.

Corporate: Corporate is intended for companies that want to take advantage of the full range of the SmartSearch software offering. You get an impressive balance of value and enterprise class functionality in one simple software package with an array of applications. This comprehensive solution includes licensing for disaster recovery and test bench applications.

The software provides unique solutions that can be customized for virtually any organization from employee onboarding to contract management to accounts payable automation.

Standard SmartSearch features include:

  • Annotations: Highlight, sign, redact, or stamp documents or attach a sticky note to documents while protecting the original record’s integrity.
  • Audit trail reporting: Quickly browse a record’s history including views, prints, emails, launches, exports, and more.
  • Barcode recognition: SmartSearch supports Code 29,129 and Codabar for extracting high-value information that you can use to file documents automatically.
  • Email delivery and notification: Integrate your email client with SmartSearch to send and distribute documents with ease.
  • Image enhancement: Improve document quality quickly and easily. Ad hoc or batch processes apply de-speckle, de-skew, and other document clean-up tasks to improve OCR capabilities.
  • Image separation: The software supports barcode, blank-page, and page count separation for high-speed batch scanning.
  • OCR assisted indexing: You can file documents with just a few clicks, thanks to the KeyFree IndexingTM feature.
  • Revision control: Maintain document change history while enforcing business rules for accessing content. Determine which users can view versions and make edits and decide what content will be available for public consumption.

Optional SmartSearch features include GlobalSearch, GlobalForms, PlanetPress, Purchase to Play, Hire to Retire, and QuickBook Connections.

What Kind of Document Management System Does My Business Need?

SmartSearch comes pre-packaged with the previously mentioned KeyFree Indexing for OCR-assisted data entry as well as Data Xchange, which enables internal ODBC data updates. Do you have ODBC or OLEDB type connections with external data sources? DataMerge services are also available. These tools allow you to scan and index documents with minimal data entry requirements.

Regardless of the size and scope of your company and your specific industry, SmartSearch storage solutions are affordable and intuitive and include ample customer support. SmartSearch requires less training time that many comparable document management solutions on the market within a sleek yet simple interface. Most employees do not have any trouble catching onto the system quickly and easily.

Why Do I Need A Document Management System?

The flow of business documentation through an efficient and cost-effective online document management system allows your company to effectively manage your business and improve your productivity.

UCI document management systems allow your business to store and manage everything from the engineering drawings and marketing collateral to invoices, contracts, and insurance claims, allowing business content that needs to be effectively distributed among the right individuals at the right time.

UCI offers Square9 Softworks’ SmartSearch at our Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas locations. We are here to answer all of your questions about document management and give you the support that you need to implement document management successfully in your locally owned small or mid-sized business. Fill out the form on this page to learn more about setting an online document management system.