Printing A Test Page Can Help You Troubleshoot Your Copier

Calendar Monday, January 21st, 2019

common copier mistakes

Most people are all too familiar with the struggles of fighting a moody printer/copier. Have you ever printed an important document at the last second only to see that the ink is streaked and off color? There’s a simple step you can take to solve and prevent many of the copier problems you may face. Take the time to print a test page to avoid disasters before they happen.

What is a test page?

When you want to test how your copier is doing, print a test page. This is simply a paper you use to check on the inkjets and other components. If it comes out and the image you printed looks off, chances are there’s something wrong with the inkjets. Printing a test page helps you make sure that you don’t waste ink on your printer’s cleaning function. It also prevents damage from happening to more important papers you may need.

When testing a page, print an image that uses a lot of color. This ensures that each of your printer’s colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) are all used. It’s recommended that you do this at least once a week for the best results.

How a test page can help

Printing a test page every few days can help keep your printer healthy. It’s even more vital to machines that haven’t been used for long periods of time. A block occurs when a copier is used and the ink is allowed to dry in the nozzle. When a nozzle clogs, most people use the cleaning function. Usually, this just forces a spray of ink through to get rid of the clog, which uses up precious ink. But, by printing a weekly test page, you can keep the nozzles moist and prevent clogs from happening. Using less ink means you can save more money.

Handling a broken copier

Are you printing weekly test pages and still seeing issues with your copier? There may be something wrong with more than just the nozzles. Call the experts at UCI Documents and we’ll have your equipment back in working order in no time. You can reach us at (806) 372-7722 or Contact Us via email to learn more about our services, including Print Management and Copier Maintenance. You can also visit us in person at 1000 S. Adams St. in Amarillo, Texas and 2034 82nd St. #101 in Lubbock, Texas.