Printer Apps for your Office Equipment

Calendar Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

printer button on a computer keyboardThere are many advantages to having apps on your office printer. Scanning documents can be a hassle to constantly have to go back to the computer to search for documents and open and download documents when you need to scan them. The task is made much easier with scanner apps. With these apps, scanning documents is fast because they remain available right there on the printer. You can send them to the printer in form of multi-page JPEG or PDF files. The apps also come with a handy feature that makes it possible for you to send yourself emails to store them. You can also upload documents to online storage sites like DropBox.

Many apps are empowered by high-tech algorithms that take seconds to produce the perfect document. It will check for folded edges, detect shadows and eliminate them and ensure that the contrast is perfect.

Are you able to easily do tests on printers?

Getting the perfect document depends on testing a printer to be sure that the contrast and other details are the way they should be. A test app makes it possible to test your printer in seconds.

You can also use the app to test for compatibility. If you are not printing a document from your usual computer, which you are sure is compatible with your printer such as a tablet or from online document storage options, you can use the app to test for compatibility between the printer and the device.

Does your printer have OCR apps?

Another useful app for printers is an OCR app. Optical character recognition is technology that makes it possible for different types of documents like those that have been scanned, PDF files and images captured by a phone to be converted into data that can be searched and edited.

A scanner is not enough to turn a draft, image or other kind of document into one that you can make changes on, save and retrieve with the changes later on. This is only possible with OCR software. With it, you can extract data from documents or images, repurpose them and the save this as data that you can retrieve, edit again, save and share.

On a printer, an OCR app means that you can take minutes from a business meeting, contract drafts, images, PDFs and other documents and convert them into data that you can polish, save and send out to others if needed.

Where can you get printer apps?

UCI in Amarillo, Texas has copiers and printers that have these apps, which make office work get done faster and more accurately. Contact UCI today for information about their products and services.

photo courtesy of Stuart Miles /Free Digital Photos