Why Won’t the Fax on My Copier Work?

Calendar Friday, December 6th, 2013

buttons on a multi-function copierHaving multi-function machines makes it convenient to send and receive faxes and copy documents from the same point. They are more compact, too, which saves on valuable office space. One shortcoming with such machines is that a mechanical fault on one machine can disable all of them. If you encounter an issue with the fax feature on your copier, consider the following.

Are you having problems getting a dial tone?

If the fax won’t come on at all, check the copier machine is plugged in and turned on. If it is, ensure that you have fax service and that you have a dial tone. Check the ports too. There are typically two ports. One is for a line-in and the other is for a line-out. Check that line from the wall jack is properly plugged into line-in for a dial tone. Let the telephone company know if you can’t get a tone. The majority of fax machines prefer a dedicated analog (POTS) phone line to reduce the sending and reception errors.

Are papers getting jammed in document feeder?

Paper jams are another common problem. The problem may be with the document feeder. Larger machines have more moving parts and gears where the papers can get stuck. Combo machines usually have sensors that can tell you just where the jam is. Check for this.

Remove the paper in the direction which it was fed; pulling the paper out backwards could also leave scraps of paper in the machine that will be difficult to get out.

What does the error signal mean?

Sometimes, your copier with fax capabilities may flash an error signal. It is best to refer to your manual to see the exact error. You can also call your servicing dealer or manufacturer and ask them. Do not start randomly pressing keys or opening the machine and removing parts that you don’t know how to put back together.

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