Why Is My Office Copier Making Strange Noises?

Calendar Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

inside components of a copierIs your copier making an odd noise? It can be both scary and frustrating when your office copier is making an unfamiliar noise, especially when you’re up against a tight deadline or working on a large job. The good news is that the copier probably is not broken, and there are a couple simple troubleshooting techniques you can try yourself.

Replace the toner cartridge

If your unit has a toner cartridge try replacing it to see if the noise goes away. It is best practice to consult your manufacturer’s manual the first time you change a toner cartridge to ensure that you are following the right steps. The last thing that you want to do is make a critical mistake with the replacement process and create a larger issue with the copier.

Turn off the copier machine and open the copier toner cover. Take out the old toner cartridge. Open the new cartridge packaging. Locate the installation instructions. Shake or roll the cartridge as needed. Take off the cap or protective film before you install the new cartridge. Once you have installed the cartridge, close the copier toner cover.

Remember that toner cartridges are messy. They must be handled with care to avoid getting toner on hands, clothing, and furniture. In the event that toner gets onto a person or a surface, blow or brush it off instead of wetting it.

Worn out fuser unit

Sometimes the fuser unit becomes noisy from wear and tear because of rotational friction. Some units have fusers that are tricky to replace, others are relatively simple. If you don’t know how, or need assistance, call a copier technician at Amarillo copier company UCI.

Call a technician for additional noises

There are a wide variety of other noises that copiers can make. Typically a copier technician handles these additional problems, which can include issues with gears, fans, electrical components, hinges, bushings and even copier body parts.

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