Why Do My Copies Have Lines On The Pages?

Calendar Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

man kneeling and looking at copierIf you work in an office, chances are you use a copy machine every day to make copies of important documents, notes, and memos. Maintaining and taking care of your copy machine means that it should last for years, and provide professional, high-quality copies. However, as with any device, problems may occur with your copy machine and you’’ll need to troubleshoot the issue to get things back in normal working order. One of these common copy issues is seeing lines show up on your copies.

Why Are Lines Showing Up On My Copies?

This could be caused by a number of things. First, your copy machine may be blocked or clogged with another piece of paper. Check for a clog and remove it if possible.

Another reason for copy lines could be that your machine is simply dirty. Clean the glass, scanner, roller, and any other parts carefully to avoid smudges and lines on your copies. Dirty glass is a common cause of lines on copied documents, but is easily remedied with a lint-free cloth and glass cleaner. Clean your copy machine’s glass weekly to reduce the chance of lines on your copies. Read the instructions in your copier manual to determine exactly how to clean the copy machine without causing damage to any of its parts.

Another cause of lines on the pages could be a bad drum cleaning blade, or worn out fuser rollers. These parts can be replaced easily, and reduce the risk of having to purchase an entirely new copy machine. There could also be a buildup of ink inside the copy machine, or it’s possible you could have a bad ink cartridge. Replace all ink cartridges and toner to eliminate the possibility of a copy machine running low on supplies, but if none of those things work, the problem could be the imaging unit, which means you may need to replace the unit.

Laser printers could require a replacement drum. Are you using a different type of printer paper than normal? That could cause abnormal copies, too. Switch back to your previous paper to see if it makes a difference.

Check all of the settings on your copy machine to ensure they are correct, such as the density control. Check the connections between the imaging portion and the copy machine; unplug them and dust them with a soft cloth to remove any debris. Do you need to purchase some new supplies for your copy machine to reduce lines on your copied pages, or have you tried all of the troubleshooting methods and still come up short? You may be in the market for a new copy machine.

Contact UCI for all of your copy needs. We are located in Amarillo, and are a full-service copy company. We can send a service technician out to examine your copy machine, install new parts, or help you select a new copier for your home or office.