Where Can I Get Replacement Parts For My Copier In Amarillo?

Calendar Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

person repairing broken copier partSince the first Xerox machine was introduced in 1949, very little about the make-up of these machines has changed. Every copier is basically made up of six components:

  1. Glass plate
  2. Lens
  3. Toner
  4. Drum
  5. Fuser
  6. Paper drawer

The document is placed on the glass plate and copied to a lens underneath it. The lens transfers the image to a drum, which holds the toner. As a sheet of paper passes over the drum, the image is printed onto the page. Before the copy exits the printer, it is run through a set of rollers called a fuser. The pressure and heat from the fuser sets and dries the ink on the page, making the copied image permanent.

How Has Digital Printing Impacted The Traditional Design Of A Copier?

There have been some basic changes that impact imaging, lubrication, and document manipulation.

Many of the newer mid-range copiers use a document feeder and scanner, as opposed to just a simple lens. This allows for the pages inserted into the copier to be automatically rotated and adjusted by the machine. Scanning takes a digital copy of a document — a copy which can be transferred to a computer and manipulated for further scanning, print, copy, or fax.

The other change comes in liquid form, both ink and lubrication. Copiers are no longer limited to black and white reproductions. The toner used in the machines also comes in a color option. These cartridges are more expensive to stock and replace, but they produce high-quality color copies. The newer models require lubrication to function optimally.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Service Problems Reported?

Typically, customers struggle with repeated paper jams and irregular copies. While the document feeders are a nice feature, especially for high-volume projects of 500 pages or more, paper jams are a reality.

Copier service companies can clean and lubricate the machine on site. The special cleaners reduce static and paper jams in the document feeder. Irregular copies might mean that the glass plate has been scratched or damaged. It may need to be replaced. To avoid this outcome, remove any staples from documents you plan to copy before starting the machine.

UCI Copier Service in Amarillo, Texas, can supply and service any new copier, but we also service machines bought from another supplier.