Where Can I Get Parts and Supplies for My Office Copier?

Calendar Thursday, September 26th, 2013

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One of the most common questions that companies have when they purchase or lease a new copier is how they will be able to get parts and supplies. If you purchase a high-quality copier, repairs should be minimal, but even top of the line copiers require occasional maintenance and repairs. When you do need replacement parts or servicing for your machine, you need it right away. You don’t have days or even hours to sit around waiting for parts to get shipped and repairmen to find a time that they can schedule an appointment. You have an office to run, after all! As such, when you are shopping for a new copier, consider the following factors.

Local extensive warehouse

The location and the contents of a copier warehouse are both important. Inquire about the location of the copier company’s warehouse and the extent of its stocks. Many people believe that they’ll get the best prices on inventory that comes from overseas. While these inventory prices may be cheaper, they come with shipping costs and wait times. When you have the inventory that you need in a convenient nearby location, you’ll get it right away without having to pay for shipping.

Stock in copier technician maintenance vehicle

When the copier technician shows up for a job, what do they have in their truck? Do they simply have the tools to run a diagnostic or do they have an ample supply of parts for potential repairs? While there will be rare occasions that repairmen are out of stock or need to order one of a kind parts, they should keep an extensive supply in the maintenance vehicle so that they’re prepared to fix a range of issues right on the spot.

Same-day delivery of copier parts and supplies

In the event that a copier company does have to order supplies for your machine, you want to have them delivered the same day. Look for companies that advertise same-day delivery and have customer testimonials or reviews that confirm this promise. Keep in mind that typically to get same-day delivery, you have to place an order before noon. Otherwise you will get the order a day later. There may also be restrictions and/or delivery fees for specific zip codes or areas. Make sure to check into these details so you don’t have any surprises.

If your copier is experiencing problems and you need it back up and running fast, call the excellent Amarillo copier company, UCI. For more than a decade, these copier professionals have been providing cost-effective copier solutions, an on-hand parts inventory, same-day supply deliveries, and less than four-hour response times for service calls. If your business copier needs repairing, UCI’s copier technicians carry all non-temperature sensitive parts and supplies in their trucks so they can fix your problem quickly and efficiently. However, if your copier needs one of those parts, the UCI technician can easily access UCI’s local warehouse in downtown Amarillo. UCI services Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding Texas Panhandle towns. Whether you are in need of a copier repair, or are in the market to buy a new copier, UCI is here to help.

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