What’s The Difference Between Inkjet, Laser And Digital Copiers?

Calendar Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

question mark on chalkboardAre you in the market for a new copier for your company and are not sure where to start? Many people do not understand the differences between inkjet, laser, and digital machines. It can also be difficult to compare initial cost versus total cost of ownership (TCO), especially when you don’t fully understand all of the features of the machines. It is best practice to learn as much as you can about all of your options before making a final decision.

Does My Business Need An Inkjet Copier?

Typically an inkjet copier is a bad idea for a business because it is not cost effective, regardless of the size of the company. Inkjet ink is much more costly than laser toner. Inkjet printers have a cost per page of approximately 20 cents while laser printers have a price of six cents per page. As inkjet printers have a lower capacity, organizations must replace the paper and ink more frequently. The biggest reason that companies consider inkjet copiers is because of the low initial investment. However, generally they don’t make sense in the long run.

Should I Buy a Laser Copier For My Business?

Laser copiers are one of the most popular choices for businesses today. They print at a high speed and use toner that has a lower cost per page than the print jobs would cost with ink. Laser copiers are also known for producing high quality documents, which is key for companies that print materials for presentations and contracts.

What Is A Digital Copier?

Most laser copiers on the market right now also have digital capabilities. Typically in this context, the word “digital” refers to the inclusion of an internal scanner. This scanner allows the machine to scan and store documents. Scanning capacity is essential for most offices because there is a need for sending documents or contracts via email attachments and storing contracts on a network for safe record keeping.

A digital copier can also “remember” a scanned document and then make as many copies of it as needed. In comparison, if an analog copier is going to copy a scanned page multiple times, it must scan the page each time it makes a copy.

As most major copier manufacturers primarily sell laser digital copiers, it is unlikely that you will have to make a choice between the features with your purchase.

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