What’s The Best Copier for a Small Business?

Calendar Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Small businesses that are just starting off or aspiring to grow and expand have to keep a careful watch on their expenses. One expense that can spiral out of control is the expense of generating copies.

A lot of documents are produced in a day, even in a small business environment, and the kind of copier that is used is therefore very important. The following factors will help you choose the right copier for your small business.

Does my business need a multi-purpose copier?

There are copiers that can be used for scanning, printing and copying. Such a copier will cost you more than a regular one but you will still cut down on capital expenditure spent buying such a machine instead of three different ones.

Do you need a color or black and white copier?

Color copying takes longer than copying black and white. It also costs more. If you use your copier to generate mainly documents such as invoices and receipts, consider going for a black and white copier. However, if you also produce marketing material such as brochures because it is cheaper than outsourcing to a printer, then you will need a color copier. If so, choose an inkjet digital copier which costs less than laser color copier.

What size copier is best for a small business?

Size matters when you are choosing a copier. The best choice is a compact copier that can keep up with your needs of your business. Flatbed copy machines are ideal because you can use it to make copies from books or other sources that are too large for a sheet feeder. Check that the copier you choose has a minimum paper capacity of 250 sheets or higher.

How do I choose a reliable copier supplier?

Your copier will need servicing from time to time. If it breaks down or develops any kind of problem, you will also want the supplier to avail themselves to fix it within the shortest time possible. You should therefore choose a good brand of a copier and you should buy it from a reputable and trustworthy supplier who will quickly respond to your distress calls.

Should I buy or lease a copier for my business?

If you do not have a lot of use for a copier because of the nature of your business, consider leasing one instead of buying. It will save you some money. You however have to be very careful about the terms of the lease. For instance, should the copier become damaged while it is in your hands, the cost of repairs will fall on you.

Are there energy-efficient or environmentally friendly copiers available?

Check that the copier is energy-efficient. You will save on running costs and also do your bit on saving the environment.

How long is the copier’s warranty?

A long warranty will keep you covered for servicing and repairs before you have to pay for them out of your pocket. Some brands and suppliers offer extended warranties. Ask about the cost of getting one and consider it if it is fair.

Where can my business get a copier in the Amarillo area?

Amarillo copier company UCI has built a reputation on quality and reliability. Call them today for a quality and well-priced copier. They sell eco-friendly copiers, provide fast, reliable customer service and offer a range of copier and document solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you run a law firm, are a CPA or manage a bank, we are sure one of our copiers can help you conduct better business.

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