What You Can Do About Poor Copy Quality At Your Business?

Calendar Friday, October 4th, 2013

wadded up paper balls in tipped over black trash binWhen you run a business, efficiency is the key to success. Every element of your company needs to run smoothly, even your copier. However, you and the office copier aren’t exactly getting along right now. Your trash can brimming with crumpled up copies is proof of that. If your copier is spitting out fuzzy copies with lines all over or the paper with the wrong color, don’t kick your machine to the curb just yet. These examples of poor copy quality are actually quite common problems associated with even the best and most expensive copy machines.

Why is my Copier Not Working Correctly?

There are several reasons as to why your copier is malfunctioning and giving you poor copy quality. However, the problem needs to be resolved quickly as you can’t hand over that file of fuzzy copies to your boss. You certainly can’t mail out blurry copies to clients either. Here are some of the reasons why your copier is not properly functioning:

  • Paper Issues: Are your copies blurry, fuzzy, or smudged when they come out of your copier? Are you using a different paper size other than the traditional 8.5 x 11 (letter)? If so, try printing on a regular sized paper and see if you still have the same problem. If your copier is printing fine on traditional paper but not the special paper you want to use, make sure the paper is being fed into the copier properly. Sometimes this “special paper” can have a different texture and weight that will cause the ink to smudge or become fuzzy and blurry. If paper is too heavy or thin, it can also cause a paper jam. If that is the case, you may want to change to a different type of paper. The paper you are currently using may be too thin or too thick. Copiers are fickle you know. Also, how is the humidity in your building? Sometimes moisture can make the paper damp and will absorb the ink and make it bleed on your copies.
  • Paper Rolling Mechanism: In some cases, these rollers can become dirtier and will cause lines or smudges on your copies when moving across them as they are fed into your copier.
  • Printer Heads/Drums: Another reason your copies may be coming out blurry, smudged, fuzzy, or with lines across them is that your printer heads may be dirty. Copiers that are used often are especially prone to this type of problem. Most modern copiers have functions either on the machine or the software to self-diagnose and/or clean the printer heads. Even if this is not a cause of your current problem, it is still a good idea to perform this type of service to prevent any future problems. However, we recommend calling a professional copier company to access the right steps to take.
  • Software Problems: Is your copier spitting out pages that only an extraterrestrial can read? If this is the case, your drivers may be out of date. Check online to make sure that you have installed and downloaded the most current drivers for your copier.
  • Ink or Toner Cartridges: When all else fails, check your ink levels on your inkjet printer and your toner levels on your laser printer. Usually there will be an indicator of the levels somewhere on your machine or computer. Are the levels full but it has been over a year since you replaced them? The cartridges may simply be old and corrupted. It is usually recommended to replace these cartridges once a year.
  • Glass Bed: Check to make sure the glass is not dirty. Dirty glass can cause the scanner to pick up smudges when scanning your documents. It is also a good idea to keep the glass clean and check it on a regular basis. You can use a soft towel to simply wipe the glass clean. Check your manufacturer’s website or contact your local copier provider before using any kind of cleaners on it.
  • Hardware: If you have tried everything above and are at your wit’s end, you may have a hardware or manufacturer’s defect you are dealing with. Try checking out the self-help or troubleshooting page from the manufacturer’s website of your copier. If that still doesn’t fix your problem, contact your local copier provider listed in your service agreement.

I can’t fix the copier myself. What should I do?

Odds are one of the above solutions will fix your current copier problem and you can stop pulling out your hair. Even if you are not experiencing fuzzy, smudged, blurry, discolored, or altered copies, it is a good idea to check these things regularly to keep your copier functioning properly.

However, if you are unable to resolve your copier’s poor quality copies, it is best you let a professional handle it. UCI is a local copier company in Amarillo, Texas that serves the Texas Panhandle. UCI sells and repairs copiers, and can have a certified copier technician to your business in less than four hours. Whether you are in need of copier repair or seeking an alternative to your current machine, contact the friendly copier experts at UCI today.

photo credit: luigi diamanti /Free Digital Photos