What Type Of Document Management Is Right For Your Business?

Calendar Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

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Having a good document management service is essential for any business, big or small. They can provide a secure, cost-effective way to store, access, and organize all kinds of important data. But, how do you know which service to use? There are many different types of document management to choose from, each with their own set of unique features. Here’s a helpful guide that will steer you in the right direction.

Why should my business use document management?

The use of a document management system (DMS) can benefit your business in many ways. Along with an easy, convenient method to manage files, a document management system is:

  1. Cost-effective: By providing a central file system, it is much easier to locate and work on what needs to be done. This saves precious time and resources.
  2. Secure: Most document management systems offer a wide range of security options. Your business can get exactly the kind of protection it needs, while still being highly customizable.
  3. Paperless: Document management provides a platform that can store and organize much more information than your filing cabinet ever could. This can free up office space, reduce waste, and save your company money.
  4. Collaborative: Document management makes it easy for all your employees and departments to connect and share files or information. It also improves teamwork and enhances your productivity levels.

What is included in document management?

First, you need to understand that “document management” is an umbrella term for many different services. Each of the services has its own specific focus and capabilities.

  • Content Management: This service is designed to create, organize, and deliver media content to the web and customers.
  • Document Imaging: This service collects images and helps convert paper files into digital files.
  • Enterprise Content Management: This will collect and manage an enterprise’s rules, processes, and workflows.
  • Records Management: Regularly used by medical, legal, and government facilities, this service helps manage sensitive documents.
  • Workflow Management: Workflow systems record and automate repetitive processes to streamline a specific workflow.

Depending on the function of your business, one or more of these services may be what you’re looking for in a document management system.

What types of document management systems are there?

Another factor in choosing the right document management system is to decide what your business deals with the most and what you can handle. These systems can be boiled down into four main categories.

Database DMS

A database DMS helps when you need to deal with multiple file types at once. It stores everything in one place where you can sort and search based on field queries.

The main advantage provided by a database document management system is its ability to link to different types of software. This means that employees don’t have to waste time searching through hundreds of folders for one file.

Cloud-Based DMS

This DMS is unique in the fact that it stores data remotely so users can access any file at any time, on any device. This kind of document management is perfect for smaller businesses that handle large amounts of data. There is usually a monthly fee that fluctuates depending on the security features you choose to have. A cloud-based document management system offers improved collaboration and a variety of storage options.

Web-based DMS

A web-based DMS is similar to a cloud-based DMS. It can be accessed through a web browser and usually will not require any downloads to operate. Another strong feature is that these systems are mostly free to use or are set at low prices. On the other hand, a web-based DMS may be a complex system to understand. Your employees may need to spend a good amount of time learning how to use one.

Server-based DMS

A server-based DMS is an on-site, stand-alone system that doesn’t always need an internet connection to function. This is typically much faster than most other systems and is installed on local workstations. A server-based DMS tends to be highly customizable and can be adjusted to suit individual users.

Do you need document management?

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