What to Ask When Leasing a Copier

Calendar Thursday, May 29th, 2014

copier buttonsAre you thinking about leasing a copier for your company? Before you put down any money, it’s important to talk to a copier vendor or dealership about the following aspects of a copy machine lease.

How are large prints calculated on a cost-per-copy (CPC) contract?

Do you print 11” x 17” or larger copies? Typically vendors calculate the expenses for copies of this size on a cost-per-copy basis. Most vendors charge 2 “clicks” for output on larger or tabloid sized paper while some offer a discounted 1 “click” charge. If you print larger copies on a regular basis, you may save money with a company that offers lower prices for these copies.

Do I need insurance?

Some vendors require customers to take a third party leasing company insurance plan. Generally the insurance cost is approximately one-quarter percent per month for the value of the entire asset. If you have an existing insurance policy, you may save money by sticking with it. Make sure that it offers the coverage you need and that you won’t have to pay extra for it. Be prepared to provide documentation as proof of insurance.

Are there extra costs for delivery of supplies?

There are a wide variety of supplies you need to operate a copier, including, but not limited to, toner cartridges, imaging unit supplies and drum cartridges. It may not seem like deliveries add much to the overall expense of leasing, but over the course of a three to five year lease, these extra costs can be substantial.

What happens when the lease expires?

Most leases dictate that the customer is responsible for covering the expenses for crating, packaging and shipping the copier back to the vendor or manufacturer when the lease period is over. Expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $2,000 for shipping costs. Make sure to find out what happens to the equipment after you‘ve returned it. There may be extra costs if you would like to have the hard drive removed or destroyed. It is critical to protect your private or sensitive data, but you must budget for it accordingly.

Is there a guarantee if there are substantial issues with the copier?

Most vendors cover necessary repairs and maintenance to equipment during a lease. However, you may get a “lemon” machine that doesn’t work or there may be major issues. Double check that the lease includes explicit information about getting an exchange for a fully functional model as needed.

If you ever have questions about any type of business equipment lease, make sure you get them answered before you commit. You don’t want there to be any surprises.

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