What Should I Consider When Purchasing A Multifunction Printer?

Calendar Thursday, January 30th, 2014

black multifunction copierA multifunction printer or MFP is a single machine that has printing, copying, scanning, and/or faxing functionality. Many businesses opt to use them instead of single function machines in order to decrease costs, consolidate assets, and heighten workflow. In order to make a smart MFP purchase, you must consider several key factors.

What is your company looking for as far as capabilities?

What do you need the multifunction printer to do for you and your employees? Think beyond basic printing and copying functions.

How is the machine actually going to reduce your workflow? Can it manage documents and other forms as needed? How many jobs are you going to run on a daily basis? Do you need color capability? Look for a multifunction buyer’s guide online or consult with a copier and printer company if you have specific questions about the requirements for your organization.

How much does a MFP cost?

Many people make the mistake of looking solely at the initial hardware cost for a multifunction printer. There are other costs to consider, such as cost of supplies. While the upfront cost of an inkjet multifunction printer may be lower, it is likely that the TCO for a higher performing solid ink or laser multifunction printer is going to be lower.

Think about how an MFP will address your company’s printing and imaging assets, improve resource management, and improve efficiency of the business in general.

Is a MFP easy to use?

A device that is unreliable, hard to use and difficult to maintain, or does not have the capability and features to effectively and efficiently produce the results that you need, is not worth the money; no matter how low the initial investment. You want a machine that is easy to use so that employees do not encounter frequent bottlenecks that compromise productivity.

Familiarize yourself with the multifunction capability. Are users able to perform the function that they need even when other functions are in use? Some machines have multiple functions in a single device but are unable to multitask.

Look for minimal training requirements, intuitive user interfaces, and readily available online help and documentation. Don’t forget to consider how easy it will be to integrate the system with your existing network. Is there included software to assist with installation, troubleshooting, and upgrades? Finally, your MFP should come with manufacturer-provided service and support coverage in the event that you do need support.

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