What Should A Copier Maintenance Agreement Include?

Calendar Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

person signing a contractIs your office or company planning to buy a new copier in the near future? Are you unsure what sort of details you should be looking for in a copier maintenance agreement? A copy machine is a vital component for many businesses. As such, you must ensure that that you get an agreement that is appropriate for your specific company. The following information will help you make a well-informed decision about your next copier purchase and copier maintenance agreement.

Volume and speed

Two of the biggest factors that you must take into consideration for your copier maintenance agreement are the volume and speed of the copier. Agreements include replacement toner as well as protection for a business against the parts and labor expenses that go into repairing a machine in the event it stops working. Some copy machine vendors bill separately for these costs while other vendors include them in a single monthly fee. Once you have determine the speed and volume for your new copier, you can decide which billing option makes the most sense for your company.

Copier tech response

There are a couple different methods that copier vendors use for the repair of their machines. Some vendors provide service contracts. Other vendors use referrals for local service technicians that they believe are the best repair people in the area for their particular copiers. Typically both of these options get you the repairs you need for your machine without any issues.

Keep in mind that modern copiers are complex machines. Repairing a copy machine is not simply a matter of opening a panel and making a few minor adjustments. Modern copiers feature a combination of digital, mechanical, chemical, and electrical systems. This means that technicians must have specialized skills in order to repair the machines properly. As you assess the technicians that work with varying copier vendors, look for repair people that have extensive installation and service experience with the particular brand and model of copier you are purchasing or leasing for your company.

If you do decide to go with the service agreement route, ensure it includes specific details about how and when the repairs will be done. Before you have any copier technician work with your machine, have someone from your company talk directly to that repair-person to gauge his or her expertise. If your vendor did not provide a direct referral for the technician, consult references that have the same or similar copier models. Ask about the technicians’ responsiveness as well as their overall expertise and general competence. If there have been any major copier problems, learn how the technicians took care of them.

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photo credit: Jeroen van Oostrom /Free Digital Photos