What Kind Of Copier Do I Need For My Home Business?

Calendar Thursday, June 26th, 2014

bright image of a scanner slit glassAre you in the market for a copier for your home office? Make sure you buy a copier that can handle your needs without being overkill. As you weigh your options, pay attention to the following factors.

Color Versus Monochromatic

How many color copies do you make each month? Some businesses decide that it’s more cost effective to send out their limited color print jobs while other businesses prefer the convenience and control that comes with doing the work in-house. If you print a large number of promotional materials yourself, such as color photos and fliers, it may be beneficial to have the color capacity. Keep in mind that inkjet digital copiers are more affordable than laser color copiers.


It can be tough to find a lower end desktop copier that features duplexing or double sided copying. While you may have to pay a little extra for this feature, it’ll be worth it for the money that you will save on paper as well as paper storage, disposal, recycling, and postage.

Paper Handling

Refilling the copier paper tray and feeding sheets manually are tedious jobs. The less time you spend on them, the better. Look for a copy machine that holds 250 sheets or more in the paper tray and 30 sheets or more in the automatic document feeder.

Response Time

Ideally, you want a copier with a short warm up time for a home office because the machine often sits idle for many hours of the day. You may have to compromise a little copy speed for a shorter warm up or first copy time, but you’ll make up the time by not sitting around for five minutes while the machine gets ready to make its first copy of the day.

Volume And Speed

Make sure to check the recommended monthly usage so there aren’t any surprises. If the copier uses a cartridge system, you know how often you need to replace the unit by the average number of copies per cartridge. If your monthly volume exceeds the recommended usage, you may be better off renting a larger copier. Typically, a copier in speed segment 1 or 2 with an approximate speed of 15 to 20 pages per minute (ppm) is appropriate for home office use.


For most home offices, the biggest reason to buy a copier is for the convenience. As such, you want a machine that can handle multiple paper sizes and weights as well as different media types, such as index cards and transparencies. Are you worried about copying from books and other items that don’t fit in a sheet feeder? Look for models with flatbed copying.

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