What It’s Like Being A New Copier Sales Person

Calendar Monday, March 8th, 2021

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Being in copier sales isn’t exactly the life that everyone dreams of. But, despite being a not so sought after job, it can actually be rewarding. Think of it like this, you are helping businesses save money on all of their document solutions, not just selling copiers. You can help yourself and those businesses become more productive. In this article, we will explain the steps one will take to become a copier salesperson and what it’s like working in the industry. 

Getting started

First things first, you need to understand the process. You aren’t going to start out making a million dollars, but down the road, you may come close. It’s important to remember that it takes time to become a successful salesperson. There will be a lot of work trying to get the hang of exactly how everything works. 

Don Carver, Owner of UCI, has explained the process of being a new copier salesperson. He uses this momentum chart to explain the difficulties that may be faced. 

  • 1st 90 days- You are trying to push a boulder
  • 2nd 90 days- You start to get the boulder rolling
  • 3rd 90 days- The boulder is starting to get some movement and slowly rolling along
  • 4th 90 days- The boulder is consistently rolling

The meaning of this chart is simple, the first 90 days will be the most difficult. You have no knowledge of the products and you are just getting started going door to door selling the copiers. 

The second 90 days start to become a little easier. You start gaining more knowledge and know how to talk to the customers.

The third 90 days is when everything starts coming together. You know almost everything there is to know about the copiers and you have a good standing with the customers.

And the fourth 90 days, you know everything about a copier. You know every step of the process and can very clearly explain all of its functions to a potential new customer. At this point, you have your loyal list of customers, have a well-established business, and are making a pretty decent income from your sales. 

Selling the copiers

It is important to not only you but the customers as well, that you are consistently learning the functions of the copier. Customers won’t be willing to spend their money on a product if the salesperson doesn’t clearly explain exactly how the machine functions. Besides being knowledgeable in the field, the number one rule when it comes to being a salesperson is to have outstanding customer service. Being personable with the customers can go a long way, and also make the customers remember you. When starting out, you will have businesses turn you down more often than you’d like. Although this may become disheartening, you must continue to push yourself and put yourself out there for potential new customers. This industry isn’t a one-and-done kind of thing, you will have to return customers after a while needing new machines. There are two reasons for this. 1, the relationship developed from the sales process can be memorable. As previously explained, customers will remember the service and how well you sold them the copier. 2, purchasing a new copier or having a copier serviced can be very tedious. Customers tend to return to things that they already know and trust. 

So in the end, before you decide to become a copier salesperson, remember to take into account all things considered. This might seem like a boring job to some people, but to others, this is exactly what they’ve always wanted to do. 

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