What Is the Average Cost Per Page for a Copier?

Calendar Thursday, September 26th, 2013

business person putting paper into small copierAre you planning to purchase or lease a new copier for your company in the near future? Are you curious about the average cost-per-copy or CPC? Most vendors bundle three costs into the CPC, which are as follows:

  • Equipment or the copy machine itself
  • Consumables or the supplies required to make copies
  • Maintenance or service costs

As all of these figures can vary significantly for different vendors, it is impossible to give a single average cost per page for all copiers. The good news is that companies can research all three costs independently and purchase them from multiple vendors in order to get the most cost effective copier possible.

As you research copiers, assess monthly copier volumes, workgroup capabilities, and color options. All of these components will help you make an educated decision about your copier purchase or lease and will guarantee an affordable cost per page figure that is appropriate for your business.

Volume and speed of the copier

Monthly copier volume provides a comprehensive look at copier usage. It’s important to be realistic about these figures in order to avoid spending more than you should. For example, you may want to print 30 page reports in under a minute. However, is it really worth shelling out for a 40 page-per-minute copier when a 20 page-per-minute machine will suffice?

Companies should also resist the temptation to buy a smaller copier for a high volume office in order to save a few dollars. High speed copiers are designed to handle high volume as well as speed. Using a small volume copier for a high volume increases operating costs due to more consumables and maintenance.

Features of the copier

  • Workgroup capabilities. Do you have a range of technology in your office including computers, copiers, printers, and fax machines? You can save a lot of money by purchasing the right multifunction-product (MFP) solution. You’ll also save a significant amount of time and effort, creating a more efficient and productive company.
  • Color versus black and white. Unless you do a large amount of color copying or printing, a color copier is not a necessity. Save money on the copier by purchasing a black and white machine and use an ink-jet printer for your color copies.

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