What Is Kyocera’s Mobile Printing App Like?

Calendar Thursday, July 10th, 2014

In today’s competitive business environment companies are having to do things in new ways and rely on technology more than ever. Having a mobile workforce allows business to service clients efficiently, make more sales and reduce costs. Currently, mobile workers makeup over 37 percent of the American workforce. That number will only continue to grow as companies look for ways to become more efficient.

One issue mobile workers have had in the past is being able to print and scan documents without physically being in the office or having to use a computer. With the Kyocera Mobile Print app that problem has become a thing of the past. The Mobile Print app allows mobile workers to print, scan and share documents directly from their smartphone or tablet.

How Does It Work?

If one of your mobile workers has a document or image they need to print, they will simply access the document through the app’s interface. They then select the printer they wish to send it to and hit the Print button. The document is sent the printer. It’s that easy.

To send a document from your Kyocera printer to a worker’s tablet or smartphone is just as easy. From the Mobile Print app simply select the printer you wish to scan from, place the document in the printer and then press the Scan button on the app. Once the document has been sent to the device, the worker can then save it to the device.

Workers can also share documents from the Mobile Print app by sending them as email attachments. An email feature is built right in to the app so there won’t be wasted time flipping from one at to another.

Other Features

The Mobile Print app also has a built-in web browser that will let workers print web pages directly from their mobile device.

The app also supports any security or job tracking features you’ve set up on your Kyocera office printer. Mobile workers can sign in with their username and job code right from the app itself. This will allow you to keep track of printing costs without any extra effort.

The Kyocera Mobile Print app allows your mobile workers to seamlessly capture and share vital documents from their mobile devices. This will greatly increase your company’s productivity and help keep your costs under control.

Setting up your entire mobile workforce with the Mobile Print app can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some extremely qualified companies that will make the installation a breeze. UCI is one such company. UCI is a certified seller of Kyocera products and have a team of technicians who can help you setup your office with the Mobile Print app.