What Exactly Is Stored On A Copier’s Hard Drive?

Calendar Friday, May 15th, 2020

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These days, most printers and multi-function copiers have data stored on their hard drives. This is useful because it can help you get business done faster. Copiers can store email addresses, save workflows, keep print jobs, and do much more. There are many benefits to using the hard drives correctly, but if mismanaged, they can cause some issues.

The basics of what is stored on a copier hard drive

Modern copiers are more like computers than old printers. They have an operating system, applications and software, and stored data. These allow you to do much more than just make prints and copies. You can scan to email, save print jobs for later, print from any device, and store contacts.

Technical aspects of your copier

When it comes to workflows, your copier can actually handle more than a few. From simple workflows involving two people to more complicated ones including many departments, your multi-function copier can store all needed information.

Another more technical feature of most modern copiers is security. You can help protect your data, employees, and customers by only allowing access where necessary. You can do this by setting access restrictions, allowing certain employees to use the copier and not others. You can also restrict how much the copier is used to help stay under budget.

Do I need to take safety precautions to prevent data breaches?

The responding answer to this is yes! If you protect your computers from data breaches, you should do the same with your copiers. All of your print and copy jobs are stored on the hard drive. This means that any sensitive data you print and copy can be accessed by hackers. Even unintentional breaches of data can be a problem if your company must follow federal laws like HIPAA. Here are some steps you can take to keep your data safe.

Work with a professional managed print services and document destruction company. Criminals often get a hold of data once a company is done with older hard drives. Once you have wiped your old hard drives, make sure they are secured by professionals. They should destroy the hard drives with a shredder and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Get added security software. If your copier is protected by a firewall, that’s fine, but you will need more to keep your data safe. Things like ransomware can be a huge problem and difficult to track. Your managed print services provider should be able to offer extra software to help you stay safe.

Use copiers with built-in security. Along with other safety precautions, you can use this type of equipment for even more peace of mind.

Need more information about copier security?

If you would like to learn more about keeping your copiers and printers safe, and about their hard drives, contact UCI Document Solutions today. Our professionals understand the importance of having safe, functional equipment. We provide a variety of services including Leasing, Print Management, and Document/Hard Drive Shredding. You can reach us at (806) 372-7722 or Send Us an Email for more information.