What Does It Mean When My Copier Says “Scan Job Too Big for Copier?”

Calendar Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Are you facing a “scan job too big for my copier” error message on your copy machine? It’s always frustrating to get a copier error message, particularly when it’s a message you haven’t encountered before. Most likely the problem stems from one or more of the following factors.

High Resolution

Sometimes a copier cannot scan a large, high quality image or document at a high resolution because it will produce a file size that exceeds the copier limit. It may be possible to change the current copier limit. If it is not possible to do so, you can set a lower resolution for the scan. For example, if the scanner is set at 300 dpi, you can change it to 200 dpi before attempting another scan. For many uses of scanned images and documents, such as email attachments, a lower resolution will be fine.

Multiple Pages

Do you only get this error message when you’re trying to scan multiple pages at once? Depending on the content of the pages, you may end up exceeding your scanning file size limit. Again, it may be possible to change the limit. If it is not possible to do so, scan the pages individually, saving each one as a separate file.

Scan Documents To Email

Virtually every email program has an attachment file size limit. If you’re running into trouble scanning images for the documents to email function, most likely the files are too big. Check the maximum email message size so that you know what you’re working with for scanning. You can try the previously mentioned solutions – lowering the resolution and scanning the pages individually – to avoid this issue. Keep in mind that you may still have to send multiple emails to include all of the scanned pages or images.

If you’re ever having difficulty working through a copier error message, consult the owner’s manual or get in touch with your local copier dealer. Many error messages are relatively straightforward to troubleshoot, but it’s always best practice to double check the manual or ask a professional if you’re in doubt. You don’t want to end up making a costly mistake.

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