What Copier Features Do I Have To Choose From?

Calendar Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Purchasing a copier can be an overwhelming process, especially when you’ve never bought one before. How do you begin to narrow down a brand and figure out which model has the features that fit your business? Familiarizing yourself with the basic copier features will help you simplify the process and start to narrow down a list of potential copier models.

Black And White Versus Color

It can be tempting to get a color copier so you can handle all sorts of color copying jobs right in the office. However, the bottom line is that unless you make large quantities of color copies every week, it’s often more cost effective to buy a black and white copier. You can use a high quality multifunction printer (MFP) for small jobs and outsource large jobs.

Capacity And Speed

If you already own a copier, check the meter to estimate monthly volume. Be honest about your average print volume. You don’t want a machine that can’t handle your daily workload, but you also don’t want to pay for much greater capacity and speed that you’ll ever use. Copier speed ranges from Segment 1 machines that run 15 to 20 ppm to Segment 6 machines that can exceed 90 ppm. Machines in Segments 2 through 4 with a range of 20 to 50 ppm are sufficient for most small- to mid-sized companies.


Modern copiers have an extensive selection of optional features you can use to streamline office work. These features include an automatic document feeder (ADF), paper trays, sorters, finishers, networked printing, resizing, faxing, editing, security, and power management. Prioritize your top features and focus on finding models that offer them.

Copiers use RAM memory to support varying features such as printing and faxing. They can have anywhere from four to 256 MB or higher of RAM with the option to install more memory as needed. If you plan to use advanced image editing features and/or put together large numbers of complex documents with more than 20 pages, it’s advisable to purchase a minimum of 16 MB of memory.

Some copier vendors offer service contracts while others are able to refer you to reputable local service technicians. Make sure you’ll be working with technicians that have extensive experience with your particular copier brand and model so they can install and service it properly.

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