Tips to Keep Your Copier Working Efficiently

Calendar Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

blocks that say tips and tricksA copier is a vital, but also expensive asset for a business. It is easy to assume that once you get it up and running, you don’t have to worry about it. While it is not quite that easy, copier maintenance is actually very simple. Most common copier issues are problems that you can fix on your own. When you have preventative maintenance measures in place, you ensure that you have minimal repair costs and very little down time in the office due to a malfunctioning machine. Keep in mind that any time you inspect and/or clean components in a copier, it is always best practice to turn it off and unplug it first.

Do I need a warranty and maintenance service agreement for my copier?

Absolutely. You should have both an effective warranty and a comprehensive maintenance service agreement for your copier. A reputable copier company will assist you in getting a service agreement, which is essential for proper copier machine upkeep. Look for an agreement that includes consumables (minus paper and staples), all required parts to repair the machine, toner, preventative maintenance, firmware upgrades, and guaranteed uptimes on machines or free service for months with prolonged machine down time.

Should I read the copier manual?

Yes. Take the time to read the copier operating manual and familiarize yourself with the service indicators. For example, a low toner alert may affect copy quality and should be addressed in a timely manner so that your company does not distribute poorly copied materials to clients and customers.

How do I clean a copier’s paper path, rollers and filters?

Paper path: Clear the paper path of toner, paper dust , film, and airborne dust to keep copies high quality with clearly formed text and images.

Rollers: When the registration roller is not cleaned on a regular basis, paper dust is embedded in it and the roller develops a hard film. This may result in off-center prints and paper jams. If these issues occur, the roller must be replaced. Similarly, dirty conveyance and feed rollers result in multi-feeds, paper jams, off-center printers, and timing errors.

Filters: Clogged filters can result in overheating problems, which bring about issues from infrequent and irritating to frequent and expensive. Just a few of the issues that stem from clogged filters include fuser errors, mediocre print quality, random error messages and codes, and premature drum unit aging. Overheating can also compromise the expensive logic boards.

I can’t fix my copier. What should I do?

If you can not resolve the copier problem on your own, it’s best to contact a professional copier technician. UCI is known for offering companies in the Texas Panhandle high quality products and friendly, professional customer service as well as excellent technician response time. When you work with UCI, you are guaranteed to get an affordable machine, up-to-date network services, and technical response time of 1.3 hours or less. Call UCI in Amarillo, Texas at 806-372-7722 for any of your copier needs.