Surprising Things To Consider Before Buying Your Next Printer

Calendar Thursday, October 11th, 2018


The majority of basic business tasks are moving into the digital age, but some day-to-day operations still require paper. Printers are also an essential office tool. Companies are continually looking for ways to manage printing costs and workflow efficiency.

Many business owners still believe a black and white laser printer is best, but statistics show otherwise. The most affordable option on the market is a reliable color inkjet printer, especially for businesses that operate on a tight budget. Here are some surprising things to consider before buying your next printer.

What to consider before buying a printer

It’s important to remember operating costs before buying a printer, not just the initial price. You should think about the cost of line coverage, toner/ink cartridges, maintenance, and possible losses due to downtime of the printer. If these considerations aren’t taken seriously, then your business may pay more money over time.

One of the biggest mistakes companies can make is to buy a printer with features that aren’t ideal for an office. It may be tempting to get a machine with every feature available. But, if you own a small business that only needs printing in-house, you could pay more than necessary for your machine.

No business wants to lose valuable work time, but that could be the case if you have a centralized printer. Your employees may have to walk back-and-forth from their desk to the only printer in the office, then wait for their document in a queue. The biggest cause of this problem is the high traffic rate found within the printer’s queue. Ultimately, if no solution is found, then your employees will be standing around a printer instead of working at their desks. Unfortunately, some big projects might be delayed because the printer itself might be need of service from too much use.

Is black and white or color toner better?

In most offices, a monochrome printer is a useful work tool, but in today’s business climate, a color printer has more adaptability. Recent studies have shown that black and white presentations have little effect. These are hard to read and less desirable than a color presentation.

Many marketing and sales departments are introducing color images inside their brochures, presentations, and forms. This often makes a strong impression with new customers and clients. Your final decision when buying a printer should be based on its hardware options and how your business could use color. Color inkjet printers can help to offset productivity loss and make a noticeable impact on your company’s reputation within the industry.

Speed and affordability

Inkjet printers tend to be used heavily in homes and small businesses, but larger businesses are using them too. Color inkjets have become a hot commodity within the business community because they have proven to be faster than laser printers. Long-time users feel color inkjet printers are more affordable and reliable as well, especially when a deadline is fast approaching.


Of course, the environment within the workplace should always come first. If you do not have room for a large printer, a smaller model will be better. You must decide which printer works best in your own office setup. Today’s new generation of inkjets fit easily in most modern, open workstations. Some businesses located in older buildings will place smaller printers in various locations throughout their office. This measure helps to keep workflow moving forward with little delay. Each inkjet printer has IT administration tools that make sure the product is compatible with a business’ existing network. These measures ensure the inkjet printer’s internal system is up-to-date. These machines can even automatically reorders ink when the cartridges are running low.

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