Should My Business Go Paperless?

Calendar Thursday, August 28th, 2014


Many companies acknowledge that paper is a problem, but don’t realize the extent of the issue. You see stacks of paper everywhere without realizing how much time and money these stacks are costing you every month. Consider the following benefits of going paperless.

Increased productivity and efficiency. Employees can spend hours upon hours sorting through paperwork each week. This time could be better spent on more productive tasks. Paperless solutions offer improved access and better organization to streamline business operations. You also won’t have to spend time maintaining file cabinets and searching for lost records.

Decreased errors. Improving efficiency is critical for a business, but reducing the number of errors you make is even more important. Digital databases significantly reduce errors due to poor handwriting and lost records. With less customer confusion, your clients have more confidence in your organization and smoother, more pleasant experiences when working in customer service.

Improved customer service. Paperless solutions come with automated alerts, workflow systems, and improved records monitoring. You get dynamic insight into your existing customer base with metrics and general awareness that you can use to make continual improvements to customer service. It may seem like a hassle to analyze customer orders, employee schedules, and company payroll, but the effort is guaranteed to pay off.

Reduced maintenance expenses. Paper storage systems have a host of expenses and issues that simply don’t exist with paperless solutions. Paper storage takes up a substantial amount of physical space. There is always a risk that paper items will get lost in the shuffle, leaving important tasks forgotten in the midst of a busy day.

Heightened security. Paper storage is susceptible to fire, flood, vandalism, and theft, even under the best security measures. As paperless systems are de-localized, you don’t worry about losing all of your company documents and sensitive information if something happens to the office space. Paperless systems also use encryption that takes data and formats it so that it is unreadable.

As you explore options for going paperless, think about Square9 Softwork’s SmartSearch Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite. You get a centralized content repository for storing both scanned and electronic documents. The system integrates content management, variable data printing, workflow, and web forms management. You can increase productivity, document security, and compliance while saving time and money. Learn more about ECM today.

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