Should I Buy or Lease a Copier for My Office?

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

When a company is in need of a new copy machine, one of the biggest questions that they have is whether to buy or lease one. We’ll help you weigh your options.

What are the advantages of buying a copier as opposed to leasing one?

There are a few key pieces of information that you need before you make a decision. As opposed to buying, a copier lease consists of a contract that allows a company to use a copier for a set period of time in consideration of rent. The leasing company owns the copier and receives the payments for it.

Keep in mind that if your company does not have the capital to purchase a copier outright, you must take out a loan. If you have the money to make the purchase outright, you are almost guaranteed to come out ahead by purchasing because you do not have to make monthly payments or have interest build on your loan.

Copier cash price. Use a “length of lease term” to figure out the monthly payment for borrowing the money.
Loan payment versus copier lease payment. Typically a copier lease includes a maintenance fee. Take this fee out of the monthly lease payment before you compare the loan and copier lease payments.

Business tax effect. Buying a copier and leasing a copier are not necessarily going to be applied the same way for business expenses on taxes. If you are not sure of the tax effect for buying versus leasing, consult your accountant.

Now that you have your basic details in place, consider the following factors for buying versus leasing a copier.

Obsolescence. A copy machine is a complex piece of technology. As such, it should not be surprising that new copier can become obsolete very quickly. As copiers do not hold value over time, they can depreciate rapidly. Currently copier manufacturers are under a lot of pressure to keep their per-page costs as low as possible, which means that you’re more likely to get lower per-page costs with a newer machine.

Daily costs. Much like a car lease, a copier lease can provide lower daily costs, which can result in tax advantages. When your current lease ends, you’ll also have the option to trade up for a newer copier.

There is no single correct answer for every business when it comes to buying or leasing a copier. However, it is imperative for any company to weigh both of their options fully before making a decision.

Where Can I Find Out More about Office Copiers?

If you don’t know which option is best for you and your business, contact Amarillo copy machine company UCI. Its friendly, professional staff can help you determine which route is right for you. Whether you choose to purchase or lease your copier, you get a peace of mind about the future of your company when you work with UCI.

photo courtesy of Salvatore Vuono /Free Digital Photos