Secrets To Selecting The Right Copier For Your Legal Firm

Calendar Thursday, June 6th, 2019

Office Copy Machine

Buying a copier for your legal firm isn’t an easy decision. You must choose from a wide variety of options. The process isn’t as simple as heading over to your favorite supply store and choosing a model. The copier you select must be up to the demands associated with the legal industry.

First, you want to select a multifunctional copier that will be a valuable asset for everyone in the firm. Take the time to identify the needs of your firm to make sure every employee will benefit from your choice. Here are some secrets to selecting the right copier.

Rate document management and workflow integration

Confirm with a salesperson that the copier can launch a job from the machine’s interface. This feature is important because a law firm’s copier has to be able to scan and place documents onto a server at a moments notice. You may need to do more research to confirm the software is a perfect match for what your staff uses.

Define the output speed needed at your legal firm

A multifunctional copier has the capacity to produce a high volume of work every day. Ideally, you want to purchase a machine that can print at least 1,000 pages per day. Any less than that may force some staff members to work longer in order to complete the task at hand.

Study the daily output data sheets from your current copier to help identify your regular and peak printing output numbers. All of this information will help to select the machine that best fits the firm’s daily rate. With a larger machine, your staff won’t have to continuously reload the paper into the copier.

You should determine the space you have available for a copier. You must also take into consideration space for paper storage as well. Depending on the amount of paper you can store, this could be limit the size of the equipment you buy.

Consider scanning capacity and speed

One of the underrated functions on a copier is its ability to scan documents so they can be digitized. Speed and accuracy are vital to complete a task of this nature.

Choosing a copier that can scan and place files on your server increases your staff’s productivity while reducing your overall costs. But, the copier’s hardware and software must be compatible with yours because you could experience slower scanning times. Confirm with the dealer that the machine has the capacity to handle large-scale jobs and how long it takes to complete them.

Ask about security and compliance

Determine the security clearance of each of your employees. This is often important when selecting a copier. The machine must have the capacity to prevent unauthorized personnel from seeing anything that is classified. Ask if the machine’s hard drive follows standard network security protocols, which secures the documents scanned and erases them periodically throughout the year.

Consider the cost of a copier

Most businesses don’t know how much money is needed to purchase a copier. Buy this equipment comes with additional costs such as toner and paper. It’s best to try purchasing a machine that caters to your specific printing needs. This will help you gain control of your project and avoid overspending. You can increase staff productivity, which saves money in the long run. Leasing a copier is also an option that may help your legal firm save money.

Find the right copier for your Lubbock or Amarillo law firm

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