Scanning to Email vs. Scanning to Folder on Your Copier

Calendar Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

send error on a copier display screenEvery time you use your copier to scan a document or image to send to an individual or group, you must decide whether you want to scan it to an email account or scan it to a folder. How do you determine which option is best? Both types of scanning on your copier come with pros and cons. You must weigh these advantages and disadvantages and think about which solution makes the most sense for the given situation.

Scan to email pros

  • Most inboxes display past emails with attachments, which provides proof of sent items.
  • Typically email accounts allow direct sending to the final recipient, eliminating the need to forward a message.
  • Email is much faster and more efficient than faxing, particularly when you are sending multiple pages.

Scan to email cons

  • If a recipient email address is entered incorrectly or is not valid or the email inbox is full, the recipient may not receive the message.
  • Recipients cannot send a reply when the message comes from a “no-reply” address.
  • Most email hosts have a sending limit, which means that they cannot handle large attachments, such as multiple high-resolution images.
  • When a third party email server (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo) is located hundreds of miles away, it can take a while for a recipient to receive a message.

Scan to folder pros

  • Scanning to a folder is a quick process that is typically configured locally or inter-domain. The only limits for storage capacity are network latency and hard drive storage space.
  • Folders are easy to manage. Each user has his own folders, ensuring a desirable level of privacy.
  • A desktop folder shortcut eliminates the need to log into an email account to view scanned documents and images.

Scan to folder cons

  • Sometimes file names are long and generic. Unless an individual renames a document at the time of scanning, it can be difficult to determine what it is without opening it.
  • A generic scans folder for an entire company can lead to privacy issues. The good news is that there are multiple methods for scanning that ensure security.
  • Scan to folder permissions is a concern that IT staff may have to address in order for certain people to be able to view certain files. Scanning to email fixes this issue.

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