Printer Maintenance: 5 Essential Tips To Remember

Calendar Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

copier maintenance and repair

Having a working printer is important to the daily operations of any office. If your printer is functioning properly, you will not have to deal with inconveniences like leaving the office to have prints made. Taking care of your equipment will help keep it in working order and increase its lifespan. Here are some essential printer maintenance tips to make sure your machine is top condition.

Read the owner’s manual

First, never begin take apart the interior of your printer before reading the owner’s manual. If you fail to follow the recommended procedures from the manual, then your actions might void your warranty. The owner’s manual should be the only source for repairing any printer-related mechanical issues if you try to fix the machine on your own.

It’s smart to buy a manufacturer’s maintenance kit that will help you prolong the life of your equipment. Typically, these include replacement parts and cleaning supplies to help you keep up with everyday wear and tear.

A simple approach to keeping a printer in perfect condition is using the equipment regularly. If this is impossible, then print out a test page at least once a week to prevent the print heads from clogging. You should also avoid leaving your equipment on all the time. Inkjet and laser printers have a self-cleaning function that works when the equipment is turned off. Always use the power button when doing this, as unplugging the machine directly from the wall can cause malfunctions.

Pick a good location when installing your printer

Intense heat and dry air are the leading causes for clogged inkjet print heads and toner degradation in laser printers. It is recommended you place your printer away from heat sources when possible. Many common printer malfunctions occur when they are knocked offline by employees in passing as well. Place the printer in an isolated location away from busy walkways to prevent damage.

Prevent and fix paper jams

Paper jams are a common occurrence and the best approach to fixing them is by gently pulling the paper free. It’s important to keep the paper from tearing during the removal process. Parts such as print rollers are often the leading cause for paper jams and streaking lines in printed copies. Frequent paper jams are the first indicator that there’s a problem with your printer’s sensors. If this issue continues, call a qualified maintenance technician to thoroughly inspect the machine.

Never overfill the paper tray, as this may prevent it from properly feeding the paper through the printer. Dog-eared or damp paper is susceptible to getting stuck or jamming in the interior of the printer. Always keep your reams of paper in a dry location and out of direct sunlight.

Keep your printer clean

A dusty, dirty printer can lead to streaky or lined copies. Cleaning your equipment will prevent debris from accumulating and stopping the print heads from working properly. Try using a small vacuum to clear away dust, then wipe away the external surface with a small duster or cloth. If your workstation is in a dusty environment, you can buy a cover to help protect it.

Keep your printer’s software up-to-date

The majority of printing errors are caused by having outdated software. Manufacturers will update the printer’s driver (where the software is located) to provide access to new features or resolved software issues. Check with the manufacturer regularly to see if your software is up-to-date.

Newer printer models automatically update the driver’s software internally using a WiFi connection. But, you can check the manufacturer’s website to be sure you have the latest updates.

Printer maintenance services in Amarillo

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