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Calendar Tuesday, October 11th, 2022

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MyQ allows you to control every aspect of your printing costs. This software streamlines fleet management for all Kyocera (and non-Kyocera) devices. 

Not only does this help with printing costs, but it also helps with print management and security. MyQ gives you detailed reports to see exactly how your machines are used. 

It also has a digital dashboard to see what users are printing and at what costs. Click here to view the dashboard demo!

You can queue documents to have them printed only on user authorization. 

Key Features:

Device management

  • Monitor all printing devices within one secure area. 

Accounting and Reporting

  • View detailed reports on printing, copying, and scanning. 


  • Users must use an id card or pin number to ensure security. 

Personalized workflow

  • Users will have one-touch printing and scanning options. 

Mobile printing

  • Convenient printing from any mobile device. 

Secure print release

  • Print from your devices at any time making sure that they are only seen by you. 
  • With MyQ, you can store your documents to only print what you need when you need it. This helps reduce waste when printing unnecessary documents. 
  • You can prevent misuse of sensitive information with the authorized print release since only authorized users can print their documents. This stops private documents from sitting on the printer when no one has picked them up yet. 
  • You can streamline all print processes to boost productivity. 
  • You can control print expenses to boost profits. With fewer unnecessary documents being printed, you are saving money. 

Video Transcription

My name is Breana Ochoa and I’m with UCI documents here in Amarillo. We are your printing and software solution here in Amarillo, Texas. And I am here to tell you about our new document management services that we are bringing here into Amarillo. UCI documents would like to announce its new collaboration with an award-winning software known as MyQ. MyQ gives a unique focus on security, cost control, and fleet management. MyQ can now work across most, if not all devices and brands when it comes to printers and copiers, helping those mixed fleet environments succeed and know exactly what’s going on. MyQ now works across most devices and brands when it comes to printers and copiers, helping to alleviate many pains and issues IT runs into on a constant basis. MyQ offers a very amazing feature known as secure Follow me print. Through follow me print you were able to release your print job and go to any MyQ-enabled print or printer or copier and release your jobs rather than an employee accidentally printing something and somebody either picking it up, throwing it away, or just losing it in the process. With secure print, you now do not have to worry about any safety or security issues with your sensitive documents or data. These documents can just be released to the person that is asking to print them, alleviating any worries that anybody else would happen to see it. The fleet management that MyQ now offers gives you just an easy login webpage that now sets you up to handle every single device rather than having an IT manager or technician have to go from device to device to install something or fix issues. MyQ can now set you up for an overall view of all of your devices that are connected, giving you notifications if you have any issues with toner, paper jams, or even firmware issues. Through the fleet management capabilities of MyQ, your it department will now know when an issue arises before it becomes an emergency. MyQ is built as software that has you in mind. The customer is its number one goal, and its number one worry. Every single thing about MyQ is customizable to the user, including the display itself. Would you like the colors to be exactly your colors? Would you like your logo up in the corner? MyQ can offer that to you as well as the design interface for every single user. If the user just needs to print and copy, that is the only option that they will be allowed, or you can set somebody up for exactly the quotas, exactly the black and white prints. You can fine-tune down into every single set permission and policy that you would like users or groups to have within your printing environment. Price control is going to be a big focus when it comes to MyQ. The administration and the IT department can now set up quotas, credit vouchers, or even rechargeable credits for the users in their groups to make sure that all printing policies stay within company guidelines. My Q now has third-party integration streaming with many and most of the other business-intensive software that is on the market right now, making sure that you can collaborate with all of your business partners and anybody that you need to in the office on any other system, as well as new mobile print features. MyQ will be releasing many and more features in a couple of months and I’m excited to continue to let you know about them. If you have any questions or would like to know more about MyQ, please reach out again. My name is Breana at UCI Documents.