Making a Compressed PDF from a Copier

Calendar Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Digital drawing of a blue file folder that sayd PDFA PDF or portable document format file is the most standard way to deliver a document in electronic form. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms all support the PDF format, which allows documents, charts, graphics, and forms to look exactly as though they would in printed form. So why do you need to compress a PDF? Depending on the content of the PDF, the file size can be quite large. For example, a full page full-color scan will have a large file size. For specific purposes, such as sending email attachments or uploading to websites, a smaller format is required.

A high compression PDF function on a copier allows you to convert a color PDF file to a format as small as a black and white PDF file. You get the file size that you need without compromising text readability or image quality.

Many copiers have the capacity to send high compression PDF files via a network. This option is particularly remarkable for business documents, including Microsoft Word and Excel files, that contain both black and/or color text and images. With the ability to send files over a network, companies can heighten work efficiency. You get high quality results with fast distribution.

There are a couple things that you must keep in mind when preparing a document for PDF compression in order to ensure a smooth conversion:

  • Use a single font for the entire document to decrease the file size consistently, as fonts are stored within the file’s information.
  • Once you have saved a file, you cannot undo transparency flattening.

PDF file compression is a standard feature on all Kyocera copiers, which Amarillo copier company UCI sells. The process of compressing a PDF on a Kyocera copier is simple and straightforward. It goes as follows:

  1. Locate the scanner/send key or button.
  2. Select the color mode and then the compressed PDF option.
  3. Choose a recipient.
  4. Press the start button.

Keep in mind that some Kyocera models have the capacity to password-protect compressed PDF files. If you are interested in using this option with your file, consult your copier manual for full instructions.

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