Looking For A Wide Format Printer? Here’s What You Should Know!

Calendar Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Wide format printers are great for many businesses in a variety of industries. These include the photo imaging, marketing, education, automotive, and entertainment industries. If you are looking to get a wide format printer for your business, here are some things you should know.

The benefits of using a wide format printer

Businesses that choose to use this type of equipment can see a number of benefits. It can be handy to have a machine to make large-scale marketing materials, especially for corporate businesses. You won’t have to rely on an outside company to handle this for you, which saves time and money. Education entities won’t have to worry about getting budgeting approved for outside print jobs. Marketing companies can use wide format equipment to enhance their services as well.

What can wide format printers make?

These can print everything from posters to retail graphics to wall art for children’s hospital rooms. Schools can create a variety of educational materials whenever they are needed. Interior decorators can provide their clients with custom art that suits their unique homes and businesses. No matter what your business needs, a wide format printer can provide the highest-quality images.

Types of wide format printers

There are many types of these printers available. Roll-to-roll printers are able to produce printed materials on rolls, like paper banners and canvas prints. Flatbed printers can print on the same materials, but they are not placed in a rolled format. There are even larger machines that combine these two types for more versatility.

Although most people won’t need alternative materials to print on, wide format printers are able to use things other than paper and canvas. They can print on glass, cloth, wood, foam boards, and even some types of metal. This can be especially beneficial for marketing companies and retail businesses that want to stand out in their markets.

Choosing one of these printers for your business

If you have decided that a wide format printer is right for your needs, you will need to consider some factors before choosing one.

  • First, will you need color printing? Many companies don’t always need to print in color, but it can be beneficial to have the option available.
  • Next, consider the speed of the machine. Most businesses won’t be using this type of equipment constantly, but if you need faster printing, there is equipment available to fit your needs.
  • Finally, look at the resolution specs of each printer. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the image. Having clear images, whether you provide art prints or marketing materials to clients, is vital to your success.

Want to learn more about wide format printers?

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