Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant Is Here For Educators Everywhere!

Calendar Monday, December 19th, 2022

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With today’s technology, teachers face certain obstacles that either help or hinder their teaching capabilities. We all know that since the Pandemic, teachers have been scrambling to make sure that every piece of their technology functions to the highest capacity. With Kyocera’s Teaching Assistant, educators everywhere can rest easy knowing that this program will always be there for them. Read on to find out exactly what this feature can do for education systems in your area. (Scroll down to view the video!)

Classroom Efficiency

Teachers are constantly being bogged down with endless assignments to grade. Grading each and every individual paper can set them and their students back. That’s where the Teaching Assistant comes in. 

Manually grading papers is now a thing of the past. The Kyocera Teaching Assistant has the capability to grade papers and scan them in giving educators more time to create lesson plans or actually teach. 

Top Benefits:


  • Does not need to connect to a server 

High Productivity

  • An easy solution to print, grade, and analyze test results


  • Gives thorough analytic reports


  • Works in any school district/corporate setting


The analytics reported by the Teaching Assistant gives educators insights as to which questions were the most/least difficult to students. This allows the teachers to center their lessons around certain topics that students have a difficult time understanding. 

This program also allows teachers to incorporate essay questions within their tests as well as print out student tests with their names on them. 

The Teaching Assistant keeps all of the information it receives safe and secure allowing the teacher to retrieve all of the information before the test data is cleared from the MFP once the job is complete. 

To learn more about the Teaching Assistant, click here!

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My name is Breana Ochoa and I’m with UCI Documents here in Amarillo. We are your printing and software solution here in Amarillo, Texas, and I’m here to tell you about our new document management services that we are bringing here into Amarillo. 

Hello, teachers and school administration. Do you have an overwhelming grading load or even an over-expensive Scantron budget? We can help you today. Kyocera’s new teaching assistant helps automate almost every single process when it comes to students and their testing today. Teachers can now print out an answer sheet bubble guide that after each student has taken the test, they are able to scan in every single one of those bubble sheets, and the teaching assistant will go ahead and grade those tests or projects for the teachers and respond back with either Excel spreadsheets or even email reports with the grades, the percentages or many other reports that you would like to know about your students’ productivity. With Kyocera’s teaching assistance functionality of grading and reporting back, teachers are now saving time and energy to focus on their students in the curriculum at hand this year, as well as saving the administration many, many dollars when it comes to the Scantron budget. If you would like to hear more about teaching assistant or see it an action, please give me a call. My name is Breana at UCI document.