Kyocera Vs. Toshiba Copiers: Which Is Better?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Are you in the market for a new copier? There are so many different models on the market today that it can be hard to know where to start. Every time you walk into a store or search online, you just get more overwhelmed instead of getting closer to reaching a decision. As you weigh Kyocera and Toshiba copier models, keep the following information in mind.

Should I get a Toshiba or Kyocera Copier?

Both Kyocera and Toshiba are well-established copier brands with a wide range of document solutions. These brands offer monochrome and color printers, copiers, and multi-function products (MFPs). You can select a machine with printing or copying capacity or an all-in-one machine with printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capacities. All of the newest models have improved environmental performance, reduced maintenance, and a lower total cost of ownership. Take the time to familiarize yourself with both brands and the specs for their current models.

How do I choose which brand of copier to get?

Read comprehensive reviews of specific Kyocera and Toshiba products to understand their pros and cons and why they would or would not be a good fit for your company. It can be tempting to purchase a high end model because it has received rave reviews from major corporations and prominent copier companies. However, buying well beyond your needs is overkill. You are better off with a reputable model with specs that are in line with your daily printing needs. It can also be tempting to buy a low end model to save a few dollars. While you save money on the initial purchase, you’ll spend more down the road if the model doesn’t meet your needs.

The most frequently mentioned downside of Kyocera copiers is the print quality. This may seem like an immediate red flag for a photocopier company, but it is important to be realistic about your copying needs.

How do you use your copier for the majority of your print jobs? Are you running off simple worksheets for meetings and conferences or are you creating large quantities of high quality documents for professional presentations? If you only have occasional high quality jobs, you may be able to send them out and save a significant amount of money on daily copying.

Should I buy or lease a copier?

Have you been thinking about leasing a new Kyocera copier or buying a refurbished Toshiba copier? Many people assume that both of these options are cheaper than buying a new copier. Typically leasing or buying a refurbished model is a more affordable option. However, you must do your research and then evaluate the copying needs of your company and run the numbers for all three options to determine which one makes the most sense for your business. For example, if you have the upfront funds, you can save a considerable amount of money during the copier’s life cycle. However, if you want to conserve cash flow, you may be better off with a lease.

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