Kyocera & Square 9 Software Solutions

Calendar Monday, November 7th, 2022

kyocera and square 9 software solutions

Square 9 is a business solution built for any size company. If you need to keep your documentation and information under control and in a secure place, this software is the perfect solution. Square 9 has a complete document management system with many capabilities that will make it easy whether you are working in the office or remotely. Take a look and see what Square 9 can offer you!

Global Capture

With Global Capture, you can automate your document captures. This allows you to turn your documents into a high-resolution digital version. 

Global Action

Global Action gives you business process management capabilities. This feature allows you to send your documents out to their intended recipients.

Global Search

Global Search is an enterprise content management system. This feature allows you to have secure access and storage of your sensitive documents. 

Global Forms

Global Forms is a web form management system. This feature allows you to turn any website content into a digital form. 

Benefits of Square 9

  • Digital storage
  • Digital transformation suites
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Scalable platform
  • Easy integration
  • Enhanced security

UCI Document Solutions

Square 9 is an award-winning software that integrates with many existing applications. If you are interested in what more this software has to offer, give us a call at 806-372-7722 or send us a message!

Square 9 Transcription

My name is Breana Ochoa, and I’m with UCI Documents here in Amarillo. We are your printing and software solution here in Amarillo, Texas, and I am here to tell you about the new document management services that we are bringing here into Amarillo. Square 9 focuses on the four Cs of business: cost, collaboration and compliance, and continuity. helping those businesses around us succeed to the best of their ability and with the tools that they need. Square 9 focuses on streamlining your daily document processes and making sure that they are done in a timely and efficient manner. With Square 9s automated digitalization of all of your documents, there is no more worry about late fees or late approvals when comes your documents. Documents can now be scanned into Square 9 and sent through their automatic workflows, meaning a document hitting desk to desk, getting approved from one person to another, and everybody making notes on there, can now be done from one automated system. Rather than your documents getting lost on a desk for days on end, your documents can now be sent from email to email, desktop to desktop, wherever they may need to go while being approved all within the system itself. Square 9 offers a centralized and surgical repository for all of your documents and your data. Rather than having to remember what you named a document in your Windows folders in your organization, you can now in Square 9 search a keyword, search a phrase, or a total, and your documents will be pulled up according to the document and data that have been pulled off the whole document itself. This is known as OCR capabilities and through Square 9, every single document that is processed will be turned into a readable PDF file and searchable for your later use when it comes to calling back on documents themselves. Square 9 focuses on the four main departments in each business: HR accounts receivable, accounts payable, and contracts. Through the Square 9 Business Essentials, you have preconfigured solutions that make sure that every single one of your documents being scanned in is automatically captured, indexed, and organized in a useful manner that helps you and your users call back and organize them as they are needed. Through Square 9, you were able to digitalize every document and data that has come into your systems. As these documents are entered, they will be automatically indexed intelligently by OCR capabilities and filed to your specifications, helping save time and money when it comes to not only organizing your documents but calling back on them for later use as well. Another thing that Square 9 really focuses on is the collaboration between offices. Sometimes different offices and departments run on different software and have issues emailing back and forth, or rather than just getting documents without them getting lost in emails spam, or in a too large of a file issue. Square 9 can not only import and export documents and data through other third-party repositories and software, but it can also work in constant collaboration with them such as QuickBooks. QuickBooks has a fast and streamlined system in that documents are constantly being shared back and forth, as well as the data to make sure that everything is secure and compliant as well as readily available at your fingertips the second it is needed in your business situation. Square 9 recently won three of the biggest awards in the software system for 2022. With these software awards, the software wizards of the world have come together to let us know that Square 9 can not only constantly stay compliant with HIPPA, ferpa, but many other government regulations and compliance regulations as well. Square 9 allows you to set permissions for each and every user as well as groups and departments. An employee that is in accounts payable will not be able to see the HR records for everybody’s I9s and likewise. Permissions are set so that each employee streamlines the documents they need to work in a nice and orderly fashion, and that has easy collaboration to go through other offices without any safety concerns being stepped over. Square 9 has a big focus on continuity for businesses in our ever-changing environment. Through the last couple of years, we can now know for sure that you never really know what’s going to happen in the world. So having a system that can give you the assurance that you do have continuity within your business is going to be a life changer. With Square 9, everything is now automated and backed up on a constant basis so that if there were a natural disaster or any other life-altering or business-altering instances or situations, Square 9 already has your back. Your documents are not lost, and your data is not lost. Square 9 has everything backed up and digitalized to make sure that you and your company succeed even in the worst of times. Through Square 9, you now have an overview of all of your business essential needs, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, HR, and contracts. Through the system itself, you were able to approve documents, approve processes, and send documents through their daily workflows without any worry of human error or any time being lost when it comes to admin needing to do more revenue-producing activities.