Kyocera Cloud Print & Scan

Calendar Tuesday, September 20th, 2022

kyocera cloud print and scan

Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan is the perfect addition to any office environment. With new and advanced technologies, you can create an easy-going office print setup. (Scroll down to view video.)

Store to the cloud

This system allows users to store documents to the cloud to be printed whenever they desire. For example, your HR personnel can save their documents to the cloud, and print them whenever they arrive at the machine. This saves you the hassle of having employees see information that they are not cleared to see. 

User permissions

You can also set different policies for specific people in the office. Maybe you have employees that are only allowed a certain amount of prints per month, or maybe you don’t want certain people using color, you can set these permissions through the KCPS system. 

Control costs

This system is a great way for you to control the overall printing costs that your company may have. You will be able to see exactly which employees are printing what, and who might need their permissions adjusted. 

Supply notifications

KCPS will also notify you when your printer is running low on supplies such as toner cartridges or paper. This is just another way that will help your business save money when it comes to printing software. 

Give us a call!

If you have any questions regarding the Kyocera Cloud Print & Scan software, please give us a call at 806-372-7722 and ask for Breana Ochoa. We’d love to help your business save money and succeed. 


My name is Breana Ochoa, and I’m with UCI documents here in Amarillo. We are your printing and software solution here in Amarillo, Texas. And I am here to tell you about our new document management services that we are bringing here into Amarillo. 

Kyocera has released a new and innovative software called Kyocera cloud print and scan or otherwise known as KCPS.

KCPS offers a secure printing system, as well as reporting and cost control. Through Kyocera’s new FollowMe print feature, you can now release your documents from your computer. And if you happen to forget about it for a minute, maybe four days or so, you can walk up to your MFP, enter in your pin and your documents will be held in a cloud repository waiting for you to scan print, or even sent yourself or to others. 

Kyocera cloud print scan now offers a new cost management feature, allowing users to print on quota permissions, saving not only time, but supplies as well as waste from no documents being thrown away or lost, or even just accidentally printed. 

Kyocera cloud print and scan now offers third-party integration with Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and shared drive.

So if you work with one document system, you can now send and share it with the others just as you need with secure printing. 

For just $20 a month per device, KCPS now offers you the full functionality to handle your whole fleet, as well as the security and cost management that is needed in an ever-growing office environment.

If you would like to have more information on Kyocera cloud print and scan, please give me a call. My name again is Breana at UCI documents, and I’d be more than happy to let you know how KCPS can help you in your business today.