Kyocera Award Finalists, The Best Of The Best!

Calendar Friday, March 5th, 2021

As you may all know, UCI partners with one of the best in the game, Kyocera. In December of 2020, they held the annual Kyocera Service Awards. This award was conducted to the best service technician in the United States. 

Five finalists had competed from each Kyocera region. 

The Test

The test to determine the Service Awards consisted of three different tests. 

  1. A 33 question multiple choice test, which tests technical knowledge.
  2. Solving 3 different troubleshooting problems using a service manual, meter, and tools. The contestant was evaluated on troubleshooting methodology, correct diagnosis, as well as how long it took to arrive at the correct solution. 
  3. An objective panel interview where each technician was asked a series of five customer scenarios and how they would handle each situation. 

One of our very own technicians, John Stich, won 3rd place. 

Congratulations, John!