Is Faxing Still Relevant? We Think So!

Calendar Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

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For many people, especially those who do not work in an office setting, faxing seems like a thing of the past. But, faxing is still relevant in many industries like law, healthcare, and real estate. It is a function that can be done by a fax machine and a multifunction copier.

The benefits of faxing documents

There are many benefits that faxing your documents can provide, especially if you are using a multifunction machine. Here are some of the most known benefits for using this function of your office equipment.


You can use a multifunction copier to send documents through email, which is a great option for many people. But, for people that need to keep their documents safe from viruses or prying eyes, faxing is the way to go. With modern equipment, you can send a fax with an end-to-end encryption through a phone line.

Proof of receipt

If you send documents through an email, you won’t necessarily get confirmation that they were received. With a fax, you can get the confirmation that it was sent and printed on the other side. If you aren’t sure how to get a confirmation once faxes are properly sent, check your manual or speak with the tech that works on your office equipment.

Other benefits of faxing

There are many other benefits of faxing that many people might not consider. They may not be about security or knowing that something was sent, but they can be just as important in an office setting.

  1. Using a fax machine is a familiar method for sharing documents, for those sending them and receiving them.
  2. Government standards still recommend faxing.
  3. In some instances, faxing can keep your business compliant with regulations.
  4. For law firms, the discovery process relies on having a solid paper trail. Faxing provides this with confirmation receipts.
  5. Faxing can be more affordable in some instances.
  6. For offices that do not have to worry about security, faxes can be sent via a web-enabled device.

What happens if my fax machine breaks down?

If your fax machine or multi-function copier breaks down, you won’t be able to send documents easily or at all. If you are leasing or buying the equipment, you should be able to get a technician out to your location. The tech will identify the issue and repair it. But, if the machine no longer functions and cannot be repaired, you may need to get a new one.

Do you need copier services for your office equipment?

If you are looking for repair services for your equipment or need a new machine, UCI Document Solutions can help. We provide a variety of services including Repair and Leasing. You can reach us at (806) 372-7722 in Amarillo or (806) 722-0544 in Lubbock, or Send Us an email for more information.