Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Copiers

Calendar Wednesday, January 13th, 2021

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Here are some facts about copiers that you may not know about. Some of these misconceptions may be a little obvious, and some may not be. This article is going to give you the facts, whether you take them into account or not. Below we have listed the top #5 facts that you should know about your copier.

You shouldn’t sit on them

Sitting on a photocopier can actually ruin it from the amount of pressure that is being applied. We know we all want to try it, but our advice is to probably sit somewhere else. It’s all fun and games until the boss finds out.

Your Copier Doesn’t Actually Use Ink

We all think that we are buying ink for our copiers, but in reality the copier uses toner. The toner is a dry powder contained in the cartridge and activated with heat, light, and static electricity. It’s like a science experiment right inside your copy machine.

Some Companies Created An Ink To Use For Baked Goods

When baking a cake most bakers will try to design the images by hand. With new technology it is possible for them to have the image that they or the client desire to be printed right onto the cake. They can buy certain copiers that put out images onto edible paper that can be placed directly onto the cake. Cool, right? We think so.

Laser Printers Are More Accurate Than Inkjet Printers

Colored laser printers can produce very photorealistic images at 2400 dpi while some inkjet produces images at 1200 dpi. Laser printers are proven to be more accurate when it comes to printing documents. Some say that they prefer the inkjet whenever they are printing images. But, laser printers cost more upfront than inkjets do. This is because they last a lot longer and are economically easier to maintain.

Actual Heat Of A Laser Printer

The fusers heat up to around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The paper that is printed on moves so quickly that it doesn’t actually get burned. Can you imagine how fast it actually has to move to stay from going up in flames?

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