Importance of Copier Tech Response Time

Calendar Thursday, July 1st, 2021

copier tech response time

Technicians of every industry are set to a high standard, whether they meet that standard or not. At UCI Document Solutions, we know how important it is for our technicians to make it to your business to repair your office machines in a timely manner. We have a 90-minute response time—and yes, that is a guarantee.

Relationships and customer care

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Copier technician training programs place a high priority on establishing and maintaining customer-technician relationships. A copy machine is a long-term investment for a company. While modern machines do not break down nearly as often as many of their predecessors, it is inevitable that you will have to get repairs done throughout the life of a copier. You want to have a solid relationship with your technician to ensure that you are getting dependable service that is completed in a timely manner every time there is an issue.

Some copier vendors have service contracts for their clients while others provide referrals for the top service technicians in the region. You must weigh the pros and cons of both options to determine which one is a better fit for your business. Regardless of which option you choose for your company, get information about the technicians. You want repairmen with extensive service and installation experience as well as comprehensive knowledge of your business’s particular copier brand and model.

If you choose a service agreement model, check to make sure that it includes explicit details about when and how the repairs will be completed. Appoint a staff member within your company to speak directly to every technician. When you hire someone blindly, you run the risk of compromising your experience machine.

Find a company you trust

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It’s one thing to purchase a copier, but what’s really important is finding a company that is reliable. You should always check their website for reviews and previous work that they’ve done. If they don’t have the reviews on their website, which sometimes they don’t, you should ask around locally to see if another business has used them before. Also, there is no problem with asking the company to provide previous client names so you can get their honest opinions.

If you don’t have a direct referral from a vendor, consult references for the technician who have the same or very similar copiers. Get feedback from them about response time as well as general competence and expertise. When the references have encountered major issues, learn how their technicians dealt with them.

Copier Service in Amarillo, Texas

UCI, a copier company in Amarillo, Texas serves the entire Texas Panhandle, including Lubbock. UCI guarantees a tech response time of 90 minutes! If your business copier is down, UCI understands that your workday shuts down too. When you call UCI, the friendly staff will work hard to repair or replace your copier in a timely manner so you can get back to work. At UCI, excellence is a huge factor, so give this premier Amarillo copier company a call today for all of your copier needs.