How to Verify Whether Your Scanner Can Print in Color

Calendar Thursday, February 13th, 2014

small multi-function copierWhich color of scanner lamp does your scanner have? If your color scanner is only giving you black and white results, you can confirm whether it can indeed print in color. The scanner lamp is one the indicators of whether a scanner is a color one or a black and white one. It is one of the first things you should check if what you believe is a color scanner gives you black and white results only.

Black and white scanners usually have either a green-colored lamp or a light purple one. A color scanner one will have a white one. White is a mixture of all the colors. A white one therefore is an indicator that it can print all the colors. If the lamp is white, proceed with other checks.

Is the scanning cartridge in the right position?

If it is displayed, the prints will not come out in color. Disconnect the scanner from the computer from the power source. Leave it disconnected for at least a minute then reconnect and restart the computer. Try to scan again and if the scans come out in color, then you have sorted the problem out.

Another part that may have been displaced and may give you black and white black print outs is the shipping lock. It keeps the scanning cartridge protected during shipping. Lock and unlock a number of time to make sure it is completely disengaged.

Which power supply are you using?

The power cord should be used with the built-in power supply that comes with every scanner. Such a power cord resembles an electrical cord with a small black box on it. If you are using a universal power supply, the power supply of another machine like a printer or scanner, a preview of the scan and possibly the scan can come out as black and white. Power supply that is defective can have the same effect. Verify your powers source and try an independent source.

Is there any Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)?

This can compromise the quality of the scan printouts you get including making them come out without color even if your scanner is a color one. Check that the scanner has not been placed close to a computer monitor or speakers. If it is, move it at least three feet away. Try again and see if the results will come out with color.

Who can help with my copier repair?

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