How to Replace Toner in Copier

Calendar Thursday, October 10th, 2013

copier display and color toner cartridgesReplacing the toner in a copier is a simple, straightforward task. Any time your copies appear faded, washed out or have white lines on them, it means that the toner is running low.

Many machines also alert you via the digital LCD display. Generally the process of replacing your copier’s toner only takes a few minutes. The first couple toner changes may take a little longer, but once you become familiar with the process, it’ll go very quickly. Use the following step-by-step instructions to determine if the toner cartridge is empty if so, to replace it with a new cartridge.

  1. If you’re replacing copier toner, turn off the copier machine.
  2. For copier machines, open the copier toner hatch. It shouldn’t be hard to spot the toner cartridges. If you aren’t able to find the toner hatch on the copier, consult the copier manual for instructions.
  3. Take out the old toner cartridge. To determine if the cartridge is completely empty, shake or roll it in your hand gently. If it seems as though there is still a small quantity, put it back in the machine and run another copy or print job.
  4. If the cartridge is completely empty, take it out of the machine. Place it in a box or on a piece of paper to prevent it from getting the area dirty.
  5. Open the new toner packaging. Find the installation instructions. Shake or roll the cartridge. If there is a protective film or cap, take it off before starting the installation process.
  6. Install the new toner. Close the toner hatch of the copier. For copier machines, print a test copy to check that the copier is working properly.
  7. Follow the instructions included in the packaging for getting rid of the empty cartridge. If possible, recycle it. Many local copier companies and online stores have options for disposing of or recycling used cartridges properly.

Keep in mind that toner cartridges are messy and should be handled with caution. Be careful with handling them to prevent getting toner on clothing, hands, and furniture. If you do get toner on yourself or a surface, attempt to brush or blow it off instead of wetting it.

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