How To Replace A Waste Toner Box In Your Copier Or Printer

Calendar Thursday, April 17th, 2014

sign that says I love new tonerA waste toner box or bottle collects waste toner. Whenever there is toner left over from a printing or copying job, it goes into this container. A copier or printer will stop working when the waste toner box is full. When this occurs, you have two options. The first one is to clean it out. This process is very messy and is not guaranteed to work unless you remove every last bit of toner dust. The second one is to replace it with a new box. If you opt to replace it, use the following instructions.

My waste toner box is full. How do I replace it?

  1. Open the front cover of the machine.
  2. Hold the drum unit’s green handle. Lift up the drum unit and pull it out until you cannot pull it any further.
  3. Release the gray lock lever located on the left side of the copier. Lift the front of the drum unit. Using the drum unit’s handles, pull out the drum unit. It is important to hold the handles at all times and not the sides of the unit. Place it on a flat surface with a piece of paper or other material under it that can be disposed afterward.
  4. Hold the belt unit’s green components. Lift up and pull out the belt unit. Place it on the flat surface next to the drum unit.
  5. Use the green handle to eject the waste toner box. Close the lid on the box.
  6. Take the new waste toner box out of its packaging.
  7. Open the top of the new waste toner box before inserting it into the copier using the green handle.
  8. Put the belt unit back into the machine. Push the belt’s green area down to lock it into place. Then put the drum unit back into place. The gray lock lever should be in the up position. Match the drum unit handle’s green guides to the machine’s green arrows. Push in the drum until you cannot push it any further.
  9. Close the front cover of the machine.
  10. The new waste toner box should come with a disposal bag. Place the old box in this bag and following the instructions for discarding it properly. Do not throw it away with the regular trash. If you have any questions about this process, contact your local waste disposal center.

During the replacement process, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Do not reuse a waste toner box.
  • When you dispose of the old waste toner box, do not put it into a fire, as it may explode.
  • Take care not to spill the toner. Above all else, do not inhale it or let it get into your eyes. If you do get toner on your hands or clothing, stop what you are doing and wipe or wash it off with cold water right away.
  • Please note that these are general instructions for replacing the waste toner box in a photocopier. There may be slightly differences for your specific machine. If you are ever in doubt, consult the copier user manual or speak to an experienced technician.

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