How To Repair Common Copier Problems On Your Own

Calendar Monday, October 27th, 2014


Copiers may seem like robust machines, but the truth is they can be rather delicate and sensitive to dust, moisture, and things that go “bump” during the workday. The following are some common copier problems and the ways you can go about resolving them before contacting a technician to take a peek.

7 Common Copier Problems

Paper Jams – Odd sized paper, paper dust, toner, and other debris can cause paper to jam. When it jams, remove the paper by pulling it down the natural path it would follow out of the machine. Jerking it from side to side can damage the rollers and exacerbate jamming issues.

Lines on the Page – If you notice lines on your copied pages, clean the glass with a window cleaner, then run a clean sheet through. If this doesn’t resolve the lines, change the toner cartridge. If this still doesn’t resolve the issue, call a technician to take a look at your imaging unit.

Dark/Light Copies – Start by adjusting your copy exposure settings. If this doesn’t work, check your toner cartridge as this can often be an indication that a toner is running out or releasing too much toner per copy.

Voided Areas – If you notice voided areas on copies, you’ll need to clean the wires within the machine. Some machines can perform this task automatically, so you should consult your owner’s manual to enter the appropriate commands. If after cleaning your wires the issue is not resolved, check for moisture within the copier, and try using a higher quality paper to see if these resolve the problem.

Wrinkled PagesWrinkled Pages – Pages that exit the machine with wrinkles in them can indicate a worn feed, or damaged exit/fuser rollers. Both of these will require a technician’s assistance to correct.

Odd Noises – Copiers make noise, but some noises shouldn’t happen. If you notice whining, whistling, creaking, or cracking, look for obstructions within the feed system and paper trays. Remove anything you find, and if this doesn’t resolve the issue, contact a technician for assistance.

Smells – In particular, smoky smells. If you notice the smell of smoke, it can be because of faulty wires or a piece of paper that’s become stuck on the fuser. In either case, shut the machine down immediately and perform an inspection. If you discover paper, remove it and let the machine cool down. If you do not discover paper as the cause, it’s probably a wire that is shorting out and you should shut the machine down and call for service immediately.

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