How To Remove Toner And Ink Stains From Your Clothes

Calendar Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

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In an office setting, it is inevitable that there will be the occasional toner or ink spill. Maybe someone sets down an old ink cartridge a little too hard and the carton leaks. Or perhaps someone is attempting to fix a copier issue and winds up spreading toner all over in the process. It is critical to know how to remove toner and ink stains from clothing in a timely manner to keep employees happy and looking their best.

Steps To Get Toner And Ink Out Of Clothing

Remove the article of clothing right away; avoid touching the ink or toner as you may end up spreading it around. The sooner you can take care of the spill, the less likely it is that the toner or ink will seep into the fabric or spread onto other surfaces.

Step outside and give the clothing a good shake to free as much of the loose toner as possible. You want the particles to end up outdoors and not on other items in the office that may stain, such as the carpet. Avoid using your hands to brush off the toner or ink and do not apply water yet, as both of these actions can do more harm than good.

Use a vacuum attachment to pick up any loose particles remaining on the clothing. The more loose particles you can pick up before applying water, the less likely it is that the stain will set.

Plug the drain and fill up the sink with cold or lukewarm water. Avoid warm or hot water, which can set the stain. Immerse the clothing and move it around to remove more of the toner or ink. Drain the sink. Run cold water over the clothing one final time to rinse any remaining ink or toner.

Run the clothing through a washing machine cycle with cold water and regular laundry detergent. Allow the clothing to air dry fully indoors or in a shady environment. Avoid putting the clothing in the dryer or letting it dry in the sun, as any remaining ink or toner particles can still set if the clothing gets hot. Once the stain has set, it will be much more difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

Did you spill ink or toner on a dry clean only item? Make sure that the dry cleaners knows what substance was spilled on the clothing before they clean it.

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