How To Properly Dispose Of A Copier Or Printer

Calendar Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

black and white image of copier on street cornerDid you recently replace a copier or printer? Are you left wondering what to do with the old machine? It is easy to assume that you can simply put it in the garbage with the rest of your trash and not worry about it.

However, copiers and printers have components that are hazardous to the environment. Disposing of them improperly pollutes the earth. Even when you do know better than to stick the old machine in the dumpster, it is tempting to simply put it into storage instead of taking the time to get rid of it in the correct fashion.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. Less than 10 percent of all electronics in the United States, including copiers and printers, get recycled. Instead of letting your machine end up in a landfill or incinerator where there is a potential risk of the toxins getting into the atmosphere, consider one of the following alternatives.

Can I Donate A Used Office Copier Or Printer?

There are quite a few non-profit organizations, low-income communities, and schools that are in need of electronics and cannot afford the newest models. Donation is a great option if you have simply upgrades, and your machine is still in good working order. If you donate, make sure to get a donation receipt so that you can write it off on your taxes. is a great resource for non-profit businesses, schools, and other organizations that are looking for electronics donations.

Can I Sent Old Copiers And Printers Back To The Manufacturer?

Many electronics manufacturers have take-back programs in place to recycle items that no longer work. The manufacturer may be able to reuse some components of the machine, including raw materials and heavy metals, in new models. Not only do you keep these items out of the landfills but you also save the time and expense of producing new materials.

Where Can I Take Used Copiers And Printers?

Some office supply and electronics stores have drop-off centers for old machines, including Best Buy and Office Depot, both of which have local stores in Amarillo, Texas. With a few exceptions, these stores take large electronics and appliances at no charge. Check their websites to see if there are locations in your area that offer drop-off. If an item is too large for you to take to the store and drop off, you may be able to arrange for the store to pick it up from your office for a small fee.

Finally, you can check if there is a government licensed electronics disposal facility in your area. These facilities use safe methods for disposing electronics that meet legal requirements and harm the environment as minimally as possible. Most disposal facilities receive old electronics, take them apart, and salvage reusable parts that can go back into the manufacturing process.

Before you get rid of your old machine, consider removing the print and fax boards, RAM sticks, hard drives, and/or toner and developer bottles. If you are planning to use the same brand of copier or printer in the future, you may be able to reuse these components.

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