How To Organize Your Business’ Documents

Calendar Wednesday, December 31st, 2014


Short-term Vs. Long-term Organization

It’s important to have filing systems for both short- and long-term document storage. Do your employees have piles of paperwork on their desks? Most likely, they’ll be able to move most of these files into a long-term storage solution, such as a filing cabinet or off-site storage unit. These solutions are ideal for documents that you must keep, but don’t need to access on a regular basis (e.g. tax forms). Consider short-term solutions as well, such as tabletop racks that can house current project files.

Color Coding Folders

Employees can waste a ton of time and energy looking for specific files and folders. Implement a company-wide color coding folder system to minimize these issues. Create a list of relevant file categories, such as weekly meetings and client initiatives. Then, assign a color to each category. Some businesses use different folder colors while other businesses stick a colored label on the top of each folder.

Streamline Organization Solutions

A document organization system is only successful if employees use it. You may find a great complex system, but it’s no good if employees can’t figure it out. With color coded folders in place, employees shouldn’t have trouble making simple labels and arranging the documents and file folders in a way that makes sense to them.

Periodic Clean Outs

Routine cleaning is key for keeping a file system up to par. Dedicate office time on a monthly or even a weekly basis so employees have the opportunity to sort through their paper and digital files. Staff members can use this time to file new documents, re-file misplaced documents and folders and get rid of documents that they no longer need.

Document Management Software

One critical way companies simplify paper-based filing systems is to adopt a document management software system such as Square9 Softworks’ SmartSearch Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite. The system automates document routing and notifications and increases document security and compliance. It also makes it more efficient for employees to share and collaborate, due to integrated workflow, content management, web forms management and variable data printing.

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