How To Make Double Sided Copies

Calendar Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

person pressing the start button on a copierThe average American uses hundreds of pounds of paper annually. The average office worker can go through a staggering 1.5 pounds of paper daily. Copying and printing onto both sides of the paper cuts your paper usage in half while saving trees and energy and potentially reducing printing, copying, paper storage, disposal, postage, and recycling costs.

Most modern copy machines have the capacity for double sided copying, making the task simple and stress free. If your copier does not have double sided copying controls, it is still relatively easy to copy on both sides manually.

If your copier makes double-sided copies automatically

Locate the Print menu on the copier and find the Print Properties box or other control that provides options for double sided or duplex copying. Many copiers have options for both one-sided original to two-sided copy and two-sided original to two-sided copy, allowing you to create your own double sided document or duplicate an existing double sided document. Once you have selected a double sided option, you can load the originals into a top feeder tray or load them onto the glass manually.

Some companies elect to set their copiers to double sided copying as the default mode. If employees want to make single sided copies, they must select this optional manually. You must determine if this set up would be a good fit for your business.

If you need to make double-sided copies manually

If your copier does not have double sided copying options or you would prefer to complete the job manually, simply load the pages one at a time onto the copier glass. Each time you have printed one side of sheet, flip it over along its long edge and reinsert it into the paper tray before printing the second side. Take care to flip the originals and printed sheets so that both sides of the final printed sheet are facing the same way.

Let the employees in your office know that double sided copying is encouraged. Conduct a brief tutorial section so that everyone knows where the controls are located on the copier and how they should feed the paper. Consider putting up a sign next to the copier as a friendly reminder.

There may be times that you don’t want to copy on both sides of a page for a certain project, which is fine. When you’re done with single sided pages, you can use the blank sides before pitching the paper. Keep a bin full of one sided pages that employees can grab for note taking, brainstorming, writing phone messages, and other tasks that don’t require a professional finish. People can also run more single sided copies on the backs of the sheets as it is appropriate to do so.

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